New Ringed City Screenshots for Dark Souls 3 Final DLC

New Ringed City Screenshots for Dark Souls 3 Final DLC

New screenshots for the Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City, which arrives on March 28th, have been released. This article was updated from an earlier version that contained translated descriptions from Japanese. Below are the official release of the screenshots, artwork and descriptions.


//Obvious spoilers ahead//


Update: March 8th 6AM PST – Full HD screenshots & Descriptions revealed!



Old content:

First Page

“The last area remaining in the series – the second DLC is right ahead!”

Top left: “Ancient sunken citadel in the darkness, what may have arisen.  “

Top Right: Meet New NPCS – “Meet this Heavy armored knight. Should you believe his words, he has lost his memory and become hollow. Is he continuing his travels to get his memories back?”

Under Top right: “A clothed ashen giant, it raises both hands up and calls to the skies. It seems it’s calling something far away”

Bottom Right: “You can get this” – “A sword made of the form of the Chaos Fire itself. It is both a sword and a Flame”

Bottom Left: “New Weapons” – “Ancient remains cling to this ancient weapon. The one called the “Mad King” still lives and may awaken to grant protection to its holder, should it wish to”


Second Page

“The Enemies that Await”

“One of the Old Knights, called a “Knight of the Ring” (Ringed Knight?). It seems it has regained its form even though its fire was sealed by the Gods”

“A fire-breathing Flying Dragon. It lives in the Darkness, and black crystals etch to its body and fly through the air. In the end, everything will be consumed by the dark”

“The Mysterious Ones the player meets”

“A World full of surprises awaits!”

Top Right: “An eternally sleeping girl under the sun’s softness. She is covered in moss and holding a broken shell. Her name is Filianor, and it is said her sleep is for the benefit of others”

Middle: “Knight Clothes of the Age of the Gods. Rarely seen in women, only those of royal blood may wear such exquisite garb”

Bottom Right: “A creature similar to a Pilgrim, there are bodies underneath, and above it on the red sky there might be angels”




Bookmark this page for tomorrow, as we will update with the official release of screenshots and add any corrections to the descriptions!


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78 comments on “New Ringed City Screenshots for Dark Souls 3 Final DLC”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Commenting again for anyone who missed it in article: I translated this off the Famitsu magazine – tomorrow we’ll get HD screens and official translations on the names, and this same article will be updated. Look forward to it!

  2. Avatar TSMP says:

    Sweet, thanks fex.

    Let the implications begin.

  3. Avatar Poprocky7 says:

    I got a lot of questions, like why is the mad king still(the consumed king) alive thats decently his staff we see. I am now starting to feel that the lady with the shell is the Queen of Lothric with Ocolottes egg and the Lady in white, she looks like Pricilla without a doubt but we just don’t see a tail, she could also be Gwyn’s daughter that was mentioned.

  4. Avatar Poprocky7 says:

    I had to use copy and paste you MONTER!!! (fex)

  5. Avatar TSMP says:

    Assuming the mad king actually does refer to the consumed king, could be that Seath was studying immortality and figured something out at some point, or maybe Oceiros did. That really doesn’t look like his staff to me, though.

  6. Avatar Poprocky7 says:

    Was there other "Mad Kings" in the series, maybe Vendrick sense this dlc is taking a lot from DS2. Looking from afar it looks like Oceiros’s staff, I looked closer and it has like a dead body on it, maybe its a staff made of those tree hollows on the High-Wall?

  7. Avatar TSMP says:

    Alternatively, the DLC could introduce a new mad king. It really looks nothing like Oceiros’ staff.


  8. Avatar Anubis says:

    Oh no… my thread was closed… :crying:

    Okay… alright… you’ve got translations – take it then Fex! Take all the glory! :tongue:


    Abyss Dragon confirmed!

  9. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    Filianor…WTF? Where’s our word smith, etymology is not my "forty", Fili-Anor….let me take a shot. Fili could be Soulsian for philly, a female horse. Some cultures refer to attractive ladies with nice legs and posterior as phillies. Anor, nordic for another or others. So Filianor translates to just another girl…my sentiments exactly. She don’t own me!

  10. Avatar Anubis says:

    I thought the same thing initially – WTF.
    But it COULD be something like:

    Filian + Anor

    Filian or Philian is derived from the greek "philos" which means "love". Philian could mean something like "born to be loved".
    Anor means "sun" in Tolkiens world and also probably in the Dark Souls universe.

    What I believe to be very interesting is that the name Philian is
    a) mostly considered to be a name for boys. Especially, taking the grey-ish attire into account that looks somewhat like the one Gwyndolin was wearing.
    b) that Philian is similar to Fallon (Farron connection?) and Flynn (Flann connection?).

  11. Avatar TSMP says:

    I’d say the "love" translation is probably more accurate, it’s in keeping with the general greek theme of Gwyn’s clan. Anor could be related to Anor Londo, which itself could mean something along the lines of "city of the sun" if the word Anor comes from Tolkien’s works.

    Overall, the translation would mean something like "beloved of the sun", "love of the sun", or "one who loves the sun", with Gwyn most likely representing the sun in question. The first would imply Gwyn loved her, the second that she’s supposed to represent the sun’s ability to love and/or nurture, or the third could tie her to Gwyndolin as one who reveres and adores the sun.

  12. Avatar dn1nd says:

    Is that weapon a sword or a Staff? Went through Swords and staff and not really seeing anything that matches. Maybe The Tin Darkmoon Catalyst but even that is a stretch.

    Really getting a Pate Feel From that Rapp Guy.

    I hope that Woman in Knight Garb of the Gods is the Queen of Lothric.

    Other ways of breaking down the Name Filianor could be,

    Filia is son in Latin if I remember right. Nor is a negation or Not. So it could simply be the name Not Son.

    A Fili is a class of poets in Ireland and Anor is the typical sun theme. So it could also mean a Sun Poet.

  13. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    I dont know friends, pretty sure its "just another girl" :mask-averice:

    Jokes aside, I like the "love of sun" translation referring to Gwyn’s love. Wasn’t there an official blurp about his beloved daughter hidden away in the Ringed city with the promise to return for her one day? The phonetics are questionable. If its pronounced Philly-Anor, I hate it. If it’s more like Filet-nor, I’m game.

  14. Avatar Fexelea says:


    pronunciation from that on Japanese is FI (finland) LI (Lisa) A (cat) NO (Nothing) RU (Soft R, french roux, etc)

  15. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I initially thought "filial" which is "of, relating to, or befitting a son or daughter"

    So that could mean son/daughter/child of Anor (which likely means sun).

    So child of the sun, or child of Anor Londo.

  16. Avatar Anubis says:

    I looked it up. I think so too. It probably means something along the lines of "Loved by the sun".
    Item description of Small Envoy Banner:

    "A small banner used by envoys of Great Lord Gwyn in the days of yore. Face the ringed cliff and hold the banner high to summon facilitators of transport.

    For the pygmies, who took the dark soul, the Great Lord gifted the Ringed City, an isolated place at world's end, and his beloved youngest daughter, promising her that he would come for her when the day came."

  17. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    That vowel on vowel action turns my tummy.

  18. Avatar Anubis says:

    Damn. I think I’ll call it right now:

    That catalyst is actually Manus Catalyst.

    "Ancient remains cling to this ancient weapon."

    Look at it. It literally looks like Manus Catalyst with something stuck on top of it. Plus it has a Dark Buff from the looks of the image.

    Also: "The one called the mad king still lives and may awaken…"

    From Hawkeye Gough of DS1: " They awoke that thing themselves and drove it mad."

    The wording is just too clear to me.

    That grey giant/mad king is probably the real form of what is left of Manus. And also probably the/ a furtive pygmy.

    Mind blown.

  19. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    ^Beat me to it. I was going to ask everyone’s thoughts on if they felt Manus might be the "Mad King."

  20. Avatar Anubis says:

    I think he is.

  21. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    To add to the idea, Pursuers indicates it’s "driven madly" toward its target. Also, if he’s the "father" of the Abyss, and Londor is Abyss based, I could see his status being interpreted in a positive light.

    I would also add that we know he’s never really died, only fragmenting. At least according to DS2, which we have plenty of evidence the DLC borrows heavily from.

    Finally, for those on the fence on if Humanity is just a different variation of "soul" Manus’ soul seems to say pretty much that. Not sure how I missed that before :P

    "This extraordinary soul is a viscous, lukewarm lump of gentile humanity."

    EDIT: Also, for us lorehounds, his souls clearly indicates he was once human but attained power to be considered an "extraordinary soul." Interested parties know why that’s big…

  22. Avatar Anubis says:

    Very nice. Thanks for connecting more of the dots!

    Actually the description of Pursuers

    "Sorcery of Manus, Father of the Abyss.
    Grant a fleeting will to the Dark of humanity, and volley the result.

    The will feels envy, or perhaps love, and despite the inevitably trite and tragic ending,
    the will sees no alternative, and is driven madly toward its target."

    That second part… I’ve never read it like that before. It describes life pretty good actually.

    Despite all of us dying/ending one day, we are driven towards certain goals through willpower. Truly poetic.

  23. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    Lol, yeah I edited out a good deal to get to the "good part" for the theory. And I agree, it’s one of their best item descriptions

  24. Avatar Anubis says:

    Could you please tell me (PM me, of you like), what you meant by that?
    I’m very invested in the lore but cannot make the connection 100% right now…


  25. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    One of the things that has been a bit of a thorn in the side of lorehunters is defining powerful beings. There’s a recent conversation which basically asked "what makes a ‘god’" in Dark Souls? In essence, are they a separate race, or can anything become one through attainment of power and history?

    This is a recent example, but it’s been a topic for a looooong time. One of the connected conversations is identifying races and lineages. For instance, are all four knights a different race? Artorias and Ornstein are similar size but they’re the only two that even look remotely the same.

    One theory that’s been bandied about is that regular ol’ humans can be warped/altered with enough power. For example, was Gwyn one of the masses of small hollow looking dudes until he found the Lord Soul? Or was he always a jacked monster of a man? Manus’ soul is clear that humans can become reflections of the power of their soul.

    To continue, there’s always been some recognition of the effects of Abyssal alteration. Oolacile residents are easy proof that the Abyss can make changes occur. But Manus’ soul is evidence that there’s more than a physical change as he’s definitively considered an "extraordinary soul" which is verbiage similar or identical to that used for many of the other bosses and important figures. In other words, the darkness made him on par with others AND he started off as human.

    Perhaps most importantly, is that the description draws a clear line in saying that this soul IS humanity. Sort of like they’re opposite sides of the same coin. They’re the same but seen from different angles, rather than being completely separate things.

    It’s a pretty big item description for me to have kinda sauntered by and ignored if I’m being honest. It creates clear connections for a multitude of questions in just a few sentences. I’m kind of embarrassed to say I hadn’t fully considered this item that much until now.

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