New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Info on Jetpacks, Combat & Design

New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Info on Jetpacks, Combat & Design

As part of their continuing coverage on Mass Effect Andromeda, Game Informer today released a video interview with producer Fabrice Condominas on the gameplay elements that Mass Effect 3 influenced, specifically what they learned from the game’s multiplayer. You can view the video embedded in their article and read through the highlights here.

  • Jetpacks allow for jumping and hovering and the game’s progression augments this giving players an opportunity to enhance the jetpack’s capabilities. This adds a verticality to the game that allows for more creative use of cover.
  • Enemies will spawn in different places, and not always facing you. The goal is to keep the players moving and looking around in all directions constantly for enemies as well as paying attention to destructible environments. Stopping should be a meaningful activity.
  • The same team is working on both single and multiplayer.
  • Squad play in combat is still key to the game but as the industry has evolved so has the game, leading to a focus on speedier gameplay ala Destiny. We can anticipate it won’t be the station to station type missions we are used to.
  • The focus for the game design is on the depth of Mass Effect 1 with the action of Mass Effect 3. They want players to see the depth of a full fledged narrative story as well as the opportunity to just unplug and get 20 minutes of fun in. The goals for the series haven’t changed, just the execution.


Mass Effect Andromeda has some big shoes to fill as it looks to create the foundation for a new series in the Mass Effect universe. So far this month, we’ve seen a better look at what those design principles will be. Thoughts on how it’s shaping up? Sound off in the comments! Mass Effect Andromeda will release sometime early 2017 for PS4, Xbox one and PC.

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7 comments on “New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Info on Jetpacks, Combat & Design”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    A lot of these sound promising. I like the idea of enemies being a bit more versatile and going in more than set pieces.

  2. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    There is actually a lot more to this than is being discussed here on these articles. I might make a thread touching on a lot of the more promising aspects to the game. For example you can, "craft," ammo types, meaning ammo powers are gone. The jet pack is also going to be used in place of the dodge roll? Not sure what exactly that means. A lot of people jumped to the conclusion that it’s like the Turians Ghost and Havoc, but I am not sure.

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    You can make it into an article too :)

  4. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    Then I would have to write well. D;

  5. Avatar Emergence says:

    Don’t worry, that’s what I help with. If you compile the info, I can edit the grammar and layout.

  6. DarthLaxian says:

    JUMP-PACK :( – it does not sustain flight, it gives you a boost, that is all :(

    Sorry, I don’t normally nitpick, but this is no Jet-Pack (the Ironman suit, that has a true Jet-Pack!)

    greetings LAX
    ps: I’ll read the rest later :) (this just bugs me, whenever something that doesn’t make you fly for longer periods of time is called a Jet-Pack)

  7. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    There is no flying iirc, but there is a hover option the developers have talked about in interviews.

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