New Kingdom Come Deliverance Developer Update Video Released

New Kingdom Come Deliverance Developer Update Video Released

Warhorse Studios has released a new developer update video for Kingdom Come Deliverance, to bring fans and backers of the realism based RPG up to speed with everything related to the game’s development. Check out the video below and read on for a list of highlights.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Dev Update

  • Internal alpha is complete, with most of the quests and objects in. Game is now being optimized.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of objects, 50,000 interactable objects, and 1000 unique NPCs.
  • Console ports are being worked on as well for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is developed on PC and then ported over, with optimization for consoles helpful in optimizing for the PC as well.
  • 80 quests are in the game, with scripters presently working on fleshing them out.
  • Some of the content that is being cut from the final release will be coming in a free DLC. Quests are getting to the beta stage complete with all possible walkthroughs and assets.
  • Designers are playing through quests, fixing bugs as they go. They’ve written 650,000 words for the game!
  • The game’s 3.5 hours of cutscenes are all recorded. Motion capture and voice capture were done at the same time.
  • Character customization templates are being added
  • Many armor types are being added, resulting in hundreds of combinations.
  • There will be more than 100 different weapons.
  • The map is 16 square kilometers, which is much larger than the originally planned 9 sq. km.
  • The game’s symphonic musical score is recorded as well as Gregorian church chants. To hear a teaser check out this clip they’ve shared via Soundcloud:

  • Polearms have made it to the game as well as hand to hand combat.
  • A simplified horseback combat feature is now in the game, including archery.
  • Combat AI has been improved.
  • Actual book reading is now present as well as a mini game that lets you create a medieval manuscript.
  • The game will have over 100 perks in addition to many skills.
  • The day/night cycle is correct and there is a proper night sky for star gazing.


As with all game development, some things can’t make the final cut. The following features won’t be making the final version of the game:

  • Blacksmithing had to be sacrificed. Sharpening and repair kits are still included.
  • Dogs are in the game, but a dog companion will not be possible

The video finished showing off some of the swag for backers and the collector’s edition of the game, including pressed coins, a statue and a sword. The collector’s edition can be purchased until December 31st on their official site.


With the lengthy progress update, the game is heading into internal beta where all remaining bugs and features will be ironed out. We’ll be sure to update when the game has an exact release date. If you want to learn more about the game, check out our first hand look during E3 as well as our interview with Warhorse Studios. We can’t wait to see more!

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