New Game of Thrones Trailer Released By HBO: Winter Is Here – Almost
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New Game of Thrones Trailer Released By HBO: Winter Is Here – Almost

There are a few things gamers love almost unanimously outside of gaming: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones to name a few. HBO has released a new trailer today for Game of Thrones, ahead of the 7th season’s July 16th premiere. Watch:

Winter is so here. The trailer shows all of the remaining players who are vying for the ultimate prize of ruling the 7 kingdoms and gives a sweeping look of the battles that are to come along with some potentially foreshadowing narrative. Also dragons. With the White Walkers approaching from the north, will humanity be able to unite against this force of nature?

Season 7 is going to run for 7 episodes, which is a few shorter than past seasons but the directors have said some of the episodes will run a little bit longer than an hour. Things are really coming to a head, and the wait until July has been agonizing. But we’re less than a month away now! Thoughts on the trailer? Clearing your schedule for the 16th? We’ll be there.

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4 responses to “New Game of Thrones Trailer Released By HBO: Winter Is Here – Almost”

  1. I had a similar problem with the books, but it was lack of time rather than concentration. I bought the audiobooks and started listening during workouts and to go to bed (there’s a sleep timer you can set)

    I have now finished all the books in less than a year, and quite enjoying the differences with the tv show and the guesswork of what may happen. Also… two hours to go!

  2. It’s amazing to think that the first book came out in 1996, with only five completed books in the series so far, while the TV adaptation is already way ahead of George.R.R. Martin in forwarding the story along. It started off as an adaptation of the books, when the final books do come out they’ll read to many people like novelizations of the TV series. Crazy shit.

    I’ve had the first book for a long time, since at least early 2000s. I read the first 100 or so pages but never finished it. Not because I wasn’t drawn in but because I have a low attention span and easily distracted by other things. Then soon I forget what I was reading and have to start over again. But for the longest time I managed to avoid spoilers while it was still just a book series. But now that it’s an absolute cultural phenomenon with the TV series spoilers have been almost impossible to avoid thanks to the nature of the Internet, with various Internet memes or videos of people casually mentioning spoilers as though they are just common knowledge like “Rosebud is the sled,” when the proverbial Rosebuds of this series I had no idea were sleds. That and many other things. Now I’m not sure if it’s worth it trying to slog my way through the books being the painfully slow reader that I am with the books being as long as they are knowing what’s going to happen to most characters and events or just cave in to the Idiot Box and watch the show. May as well do the latter if the show is probably going to be finished long before G.R.R. gets the sixth book out.

    Whatever should I do? That’s not a rhetorical question btw, I really don’t know. I’d been looking forward to finding a time to read and finish the books already out for so long but then everything was spoiled by the Internet in the advent of the show’s popularity. I know already for instance, which certain character is suddenly beheaded by the end of the first book, what character gets castrated, whose wedding ends up in mass murder, which character is mysteriously poisoned to death that was well-deserved and maybe some other things. I’ve read later seasons decide to take a different direction from the books so things end up being a surprise for everyone who already knows the books but how different? Enough to matter? Or is it just “random character dies when he doesn’t in the book and/or vice versa”? Maybe if I had a better attention span and could read longer books and book series this wouldn’t be a problem and I’d have read these damn things already by the end of high school years ago already but noooope (my attention span when it comes to TV series is also questionable – I find myself drawn more to anthology series/series with just a couple or so seasons a la Fargo or the sadly short-lived True Detective which had an amazing first season, an OK, not-great-but-not-terrible-as-people-say-it-was second season and now nothing anymore it seems because of the second season’s reception but I digress).

  3. I can’t watch! I want to but I can’t! Gahhh

    Just about finished reading the last published book, we are quite behind but there are some things that are different that need to be reconnected…

    Can’t wait for the show! :D

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