New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Info

New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Info

In a video for their Active Time Report series, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed several new gameplay details for anxious fans of the franchise. The game has been in a long development phase but with details like these, it’s becoming more of a reality!

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FFXV Gameplay Notes

Here are some of the highlights revealed during the livestream as they relate to actual gameplay:

  • Players will be able to save the game at any point.
  • The game is not an entirely open world experience. As you progress with the story, the amount of places you can go to increases.
  • Players can expect something similar to a skill tree when learning abilities.
  • There are seven weapon types, with each type featuring a diverse variety of options to choose from.
  • You can fast travel to places you have camped at.
  • You can go back and check previously visited locations before taking on the last boss.
  • Noctis’ car, The Regalia is faster than chocobos. Once you get a flying car, if you crash land, you’ll have to return to before the flight. There are gameplay mechanics involved in taking off and landing, with landing being slightly harder.
  • You can increase the performance of chocobos by feeding them different food, which will augment their speed and stamina for the following day.
  • Climbing is not going to be a feature in the game.
  • You can’t drive the boat on your own, but you can control the camera.
  • There won’t be a gallery mode or photo mode at launch. Post-launch support is being considered.
  • The game is designed to be approachable to all skill levels, with mastery of the scheme unfolding as the game goes on. There will be difficulty options however, and an E3 surprise.

final fantasy xv combat

He also revealed a desire to do a PS4 Bundle, if Sony approves of course. These are some illuminating insights, which gives a sense of what the final product will be like. World traversal was a bit of a sticking point for those that played FFXIII, so the more info fans have ahead of time, the better. There are some encouraging signs, notably save progress and the progression system. With some more detailed looks at combat already available, the pieces are starting to fall into place.

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In addition to these details, it was mentioned that more info would be revealed over E3 which is less than 2 weeks away (yay!). We’ll be on the spot of course, gathering all the info we can and bringing it back to you, so be sure to stay glued to us for every minute. What are your thoughts on how the game’s development is progressing? Let us know in the comments! Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a September 30 release on PS4 and Xbox One.

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