New Early Access Patch Available For Divinity Original Sin 2

New Early Access Patch Available For Divinity Original Sin 2

Larian Studios has released a patch for the PC early access version of Divinity: Original Sin 2. The patch will be automatically applied by Steam, but saved games will no longer be compatible with the new version. Tab over for the detailed patch notes and read on for more.

Players who are in the middle of a game will be able to revert back to an old version of the game by taking the following steps:

  1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
  2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
  3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
  4. Choose the branch ea_version_1 – For saves with version and click Close

Following these steps will ensure that Steam will not update the game, allowing you to finish any epic adventure you were in the middle of.

Furthermore, they released a developer update video that went over the recent comings and goings at Larian Studios.

Larian has been diligently going over the data collected on the activities of players in the early access who have opted in to send info, to better understand the game and how it can be refined going forward. To this end they’ve compiled an infographic that shows everything they’ve learned about player choices so far.


As we can see in the infographic, players are making decisions across the board as they relate to attributes, skills, and abilities during combat. Because of these insights we can expect even more balancing updates in the future.


– Repair hammer and identifying glasses are now consumed when used.
– Made switching to inactive characters in combat possible (not for combat action but for inspecting/inventory/…).
– AI can now find cover if it finds itself teleported to a place where it can’t escape
– Fixed wizard AI scripts where they would run towards the enemy but not attack.
– “Stolen” item tag gets removed when you put in the ‘Your offer’ tab while trading.
– “Stolen” item tag gets removed when their original owner dies.
– Tutorial tweaks.
– No longer showing invisible enemies when player clicks on their icon with a character-backstabber.
– Tactical Retreat no longer allows jumping outside the skill range.
– Party members are now blue, default circles for Arena, turn/status console use relationship based colors.
– When you have the Zombie talent, necromancer lifesteal no longer damages you.
– Added special warning when your movement speed is 0 from a status.
– Character will no longer start dialog unless close enough.
– Weapon-based skills now use elemental bonuses on the weapon.
– Hail Strike now creates 3 projectiles (down from 4), costs 2 AP (up from 1AP).
– Rage now lasts 1 turn (down from 2), reduces resistances by -100% (down from -25%).
– Levitate is now a Stealth skill (doesn’t break sneaking or invisibility).
– Shields now provide Magic Armour in addition to Physical Armour.
– Statuses Bless and Curse no longer bless\curse surfaces that the affected character walks into. (Skills Bless and Curse will still affect surface once.)
– Wet, Chilled and Frozen now remove Holy Fire.
– Fixed irst Aid not healing character when it removes negative status.
– Decreased damage of Crippling Blow.
– Decaying Touch damage slightly buffed.
– New item combinations for empty flasks and mushrooms
– Assigned new 3D objects and icons to potions.
– Added a lot of new item names to item generation.
– Fixed flags and properties of a lot of roots (e.g. you can now interact with desks and books).
– Made some roots stackable.
– Updated/fixed descriptions for some roots.
– Created some new descriptions for roots.
– Removed abundance of items in an area (e.g. axes or hammers all over the place in one small area, etc).
– Removed some placed armour pieces because they didn’t belong there.
– Reassigned treasure tables on items and characters.
– Reassigned levels on corpses, items and characters.
– Placed items now have a unique name and description.
– Created unique knife for Griff.
– Fixed value of valuable items (e.g. pearls).
– Increased level of Ancient Sword because by the time you reach it, you are not level 3 anymore.
– Treasure table updates:
– more containers now use the same distribution (refer to GenericContainer) which makes balancing easier;
– generic container was dropping junk too often;
– generic container was not dropping enough gold;
– fixed: generic enemy was not dropping armor;
– junk will be dropping a BIT more gold ;
– junk was referring to the TOOL category twice;
– stacks and sacks should not always contain something;
– redistributed RewardTiny table;
– junk should drop less cloth armor;
– FTJ specific reward could select gold twice.

Usability and polish

– Added lifetime and damage to Surface tooltips.
– Fixed toggling contextmenu in the world.
– Various climbing  and teleporting fixes.
– Disabled tooltips when dragging character in character creation.
– Combat messages will no longer show on the screen of far away characters (also in multiplayer)
– Allow people to reconnect to a lobby.
– Now no longer hiding lobbies that are in progress.
– Prevent tutorial boxes on endturn of enemies.
– Arena mode: added tooltips to skills in Hero Select screen
– Difficulty bonuses are now described in tooltips.
– Added dynamically animated paintings to the main menu.
– The application’s icon will now blink and show progress bar in the Windows taskbar.
– Added party tab to local chat.
– Made chat messages persistent between different UIs.
– Chat improvements in serverlist panel.
– Added Surface sound events.
– Fixed paperdoll frame to fit Female Lizards.
– Game camera now keeps Items in dialog/combat into account.
– Active characters in combat have a different combat icon in player portraits now.
– Show connectivity window in Arena Lobby UI on small diamond click.
– When in combat and the active entity is unassigned, hide the turn notice.
– Improved lighting on paperdoll.
– Reskin and implementation of the new skill selection in character creation.


– Updated textures on chainmail armour (all races).
– Updated textures on leather armour (dwarves and humans).
– Updated textures on plate armour (elves).
– Replaced Braccus statue.
– Added building signs.
– Menuscreen improvements.


– Dwarves have improved talk animations.
– Lizards, dwarves and elves have improved sit and lying animations.
– Lizards, humans and elves have improved skill animations.
– Various monsters received an additional polish pass on their animations.


– Grenade effects received a visual upgrade.
– Player skill effects received various improvements.


– Sounds for main menu screen.
– Sounds for UIs.

Crash fixes

– Fixed a crash that could happen when requesting a character icon in a dialog.
– Fix crash when the status Fear was set on an item.
– Fixed a crash that happened when changing certain graphical settings while the paperdoll was showing (e.g. toggle between shadow rendering).
– Fixed crash for items in source surfaces.

Bug fixes

– Fixed multiplayer character creation exploit making it possible to start with higher stats.
– Character creation now resets class skills when resetting ability points.
– Fixed permanent potions getting reapplied on reload.
– Fixed damage from Decaying Touch being applied twice.
– Fixed Dodging not receiving bonuses from armor.
– Fixed UI showing wrong range for arrow based weapons.
– Fix for invalid “Target is out of sight” notification when targeting big characters.
– Fix for valid characters not highlighting for some skills.
– Fixed character playing fast animations after using the skill Battering Ram.
– Fixed Rush skills finishing their rotation before executing the action.
– When another player’s inventory is locked, you can no longer take items from them by swapping.
– Fixed map markers sometimes disappearing when playing a 4 player multiplayer game.
– Fixed item actions through context menu sometimes not working.
– Fixed stuck turn order and combat animation after fleeing.
– Fixed Take All shortcut (space).
– Fixed bottombar activating skills while typing numbers in chat.
– Fixed clicking through the bottombar.
– Fixed Voidwoken turtle overlays not showing from certain angles.
– Fixed issue with visuals resetting when going back from third step to second step in character creation.
– Fixed destroyed objects getting targeted in cone skills.
– Fixed not returning to lobby after Arena match.
– Fixed showing cooldown warning twice.
– Fixed issues with electrified cursed surfaces.
– Fixed uniques having a chance of dropping more than once.
– Fixed issues with source skills from equipped items.
– Fixed missing textkeys on player attack animations.
– Fixed looping Rhalic dialog.
– Fixed paperdoll skewed camera (causing broken shadows).
– Fixed paperdoll not resizing when resizing the window.
– Fixed turn notification animation playing between characters.
– Fix for corpses becoming unlootable when switching characters.
– Fix for items ticking in realtime in arena.


– Fixed rotation scale check in transforming objects.
– Fixed character rotation speed not resetting correctly in character creation.
– Split up sight and shroud PP shader to fix rendering order with outlines.
– Improved Outline rendering:
– Don’t use depth testing: fixes the outline being split into a lot of small pieces when behind foliage + allows to see occluded jects better.
– Added fill color to occluded parts of outline objects.
– Animation editor can now select sound resource for sound textkey.
– Added fading overlay to FxOverlayMaterial.
– Added overlay priority support.
– Made effects fade when they are attached to a fading object.
– Increased colour list capacity from 7 to 127.
– Fixed AI Bound code issues.
– Fixed exporting lightprobe into level or importing lightprobe from level template.
– Datahash fix for savegames.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is in early access right now for PC and is slated to release in full sometime in the near future. Check out our feature article on how this game along with others are helping to revive the CRPG genre.

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