New Death’s Gambit Trailer Features More Details

New Death’s Gambit Trailer Features More Details

Adult Swim Games release a new trailer for the upcoming 2D action platformer Death’s Gambit. In this latest trailer they share more features and details about the game. Death’s Gambit is set to release on August 14th 2018 on Playstation 4 and PC.

New Death’s Gambit Trailer Features More Details

The new trailer shows off some of the features which include the 7 classes players can take on, a non-linear world, perma-death, no weapon restrictions and talents players can acquire. You can also engage in a Heroic Boss Rematch, meaning you can resurrect the re-challenge a boss over and over again gaining access to new abilities and loot.

Seven Classes

There are total of seven playable classes, these determine stats, equipment and gameplay mechanics depending on which one you choose. Characters will build up “soul energy” which can be spent on class abilities. Attacking enemies will automatically award soul energy but each class has their own additional methods:

Soldier – By blocking enemy attacks, this class will be awarded soul energy.

Assassin – Dodging your foes will gain you soul energy.

Wizard – Healing will award soul energy.

Sentinel – This class can equip weapons and shields with half the required stats, parrying will award the player with soul energy.

Noble – Being a noble will grant access to a unique merchant. Using these special items will award soul energy.

Blood Knight – This class will regain a certain percentage of health lost when dealing demage.

Acolyte of Death – This class features the ability to restore broken save points. Killing enemies will award soul energy.

Talent Tree

Talent tree will be universal no matter which class you pick. Each class however will have one additional talent on top the base starting talent, it will determine how they will gain soul energy. Gain new talent points by defeating bosses on first play through, so talents must be picked wisely.

No Weapon Restrictions

All classes will start with specific weapons but this will not limit the player to which weapons they can use. You can swap out weapons as you wish as long as your stats meet the requirements. Two weapon slots will be available in inventory, shield is always available.

Weapon Skills

Each weapon has it’s own set of skills or abilities which are tied to a specific weapon rather than class. Builds will depend on your weapon choice as each weapon has 3 skills that they can perform. Players can experiment with different weapons and combinations depending on playstyle they wish to adopt.

Further Features

The developers also share that there are healing feathers to augment damage, chests that can only be opened if you haven’t healed yourself since the last point. Also tools that can be picked up throughout the world which will help to customise playstyle even further.

Check out the full trailer below to watch it in action and screenshots:

Death’s Gambit will be release on PC and Playstation 4 on August 14th 2018. Pre-orders are now available and those to purchase before release date will receive a bonus DLC called “Chosen Death Pack” which includes exclusive shield, scythe and steed.

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