New Dark Souls Statuette of ‘Oscar, Knight of Astora’ from GECCO

New Dark Souls Statuette of ‘Oscar, Knight of Astora’ from GECCO

Figure-makers Gecco, renowned for their intricate craftsmanship have revealed their next high-quality statuette from the Dark Souls series, this time featuring “Oscar, Knight of Astora”, the first non-hollow you meet.

Dark Souls Oscar, Knight of Astora Statue coming this winter!

The 1/6 scale statue stands approximately 32cm tall (nearly 13 inches tall) and will retail for 36,800 yen MSRP which roughly translates to $335 USD with a release planned for December 2017 in Japan.

Those who pre-order the Oscar figure will also receive a bonus 1/6 scale Crystal Lizard statue and it is of the same high quality make as that of the Oscar statue.

Also, releasing in December 2017 is this statue of the Doll and Tapestry (due out in November 2017) from Bloodborne, another FromSoftware title.

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If you missed out, you can check out Gamescom 2017!


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  1. Avatar Castielle says:

    Def getting one!


  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I want it! OMG the lizard. GIVE ME NOW

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