New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots

New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots

Wake up Dark Souls 3 fans! Bandai Namco has released some delectable Dark Souls 3 screenshots for fans to dissect and speculate along with some info on how the game will start and progress to the main world hub.

Players will find themselves revived in the Untended Graves as an “Unkindled” and will have to face the mighty Iudex Gundyr as a test to prove their worth before heading into Firelink Shrine. In the shrine, players will find a Fire Keeper tending to a bonfire who will serve players on their long and arduous journey. Players will find other characters inhabiting the shrine including Hawkwood, an Unkindled and fugitive from Farron’s Undead Legion, along with a peculiar looking man sitting on one of the thrones in the shrine calling himself Ludleth of Courland and a Lord of Cinder. From Firelink Shrine, players will begin the “dark and brooding fantasy adventure” that is Dark Souls III.

There is a lot to discuss in that short paragraph, with the mention of Firelink Shrine the most eye opening. It’s unknown if this is a brand new instance of the shrine or if it is connected to the iconic location from the original Dark Souls. Regardless, the news is exciting and enticing for Souls fans. As we’ve seen in prior games it seems we will be able to populate Firelink with NPCs such as Hawkwood and Ludleth, and we will once again have a Fire Keeper to stoke our leveling flames. Iudex will continue the tradition of facing a boss right away in order to gain access to the hub zone.

Screenshot Gallery

Check out the gallery of all the images:

The screenshots show more than just those aforementioned locations and characters so to help with cross referencing the new info, here are the wiki pages of the newly released info:




Excited? Discuss your enthusiasm in the comments! Dark Souls 3 is out worldwide on April 12th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Keep checking here and visit the Dark Souls 3 Wiki for news and updates.

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7 comments on “New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots”

  1. Avatar Agurzil says:

    Uhhh, that imp king looks interesting. Old Monk 2.0 ?

    … wtf is that candle bu kkake maiden???

    And the last picture, is that guy a human-dragon hybrid? Neat…

    Nice to see artwork of basic clerics/pyros/mages…

  2. Plouto777 says:

    The pictures are awesome, I bet number 5 is a fire keeper.

    I don’t know how i feel about that paragraph at the start, I mean yeah I liked fire link shrine and all but couldn’t they think of something else? They didn’t even change the name.
    ludex gundyr sounds like the tutorial boss, judging from the name he must be humanoid and not a monster.

  3. Avatar GrinTwist says:

    This is awesome to see some pictures of the intro to the game. One of the things that caught my eye was the boss that is presented in the second and last pictures in the article. Mainly because while it looks like he starts out as a humanoid opponent at first he transforms (?) into a different type of opponent. It’ll be interesting to see when we finally get the game, especially since it looks like it might be Ludex.

    It looks like even though they’ve re-used the name the location itself seems to differ in appearance. As it looks like the shrine we’ll be visiting is a little larger in size, which wouldn’t be surprising if we’re to be inviting NPCs to the shrine throughout the game. So chances are, the only thing that’ll be the same about the shrine will be the name itself while the rest will be different from what we saw in Dark Souls.

  4. Avatar dn1nd says:

    Did I just see the Throne Of Want???? It looks like I’ll have fun with the lore.

  5. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Pyromancy confirmed :twisted: Time to burn.

  6. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    Neat :3

    Still haven’t seen a screenshots of heavy armor :c

  7. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Maybe pyromancy would be very effective to kill it :devil:

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