New Code Vein Screenshots: Character Creation, Allies and More!

New Code Vein Screenshots: Character Creation, Allies and More!

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu included an 8-page long magazine spread featuring the upcoming Dark Souls/Bloodborne-like game: Code Vein from publisher Bandai Namco.

Code Vein Launching Next Year!

There is a wealth of information and screenshots shared from the issue. First, we learn that we will play as Revenants and will have partners accompanying us throughout our journey.

Next, there will be Character Creation and Character Customization that will give you a broad control on physical appearances and complimentary aesthetics such as:

  • Gender
  • Physique
  • Hair Style
  • Hair Color
  • Facial Definition
  • Eye Color
  • Eye Shape
  • Eye Glow
  • Voice

The voice samples available to choose from may sound familiar as their actors have had leading roles in other various titles.

New Characters

Then, we’re introduced to two new characters making an appearance in Code Vein:

  • Rui (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) – A young leader who researches day and night to save the Revenants. Willing to risk his life and adamant on achieving a suitable substitute for human blood.
  • Io (voiced by Lynn) – A Revenant who becomes close with the protagonist. She has lost all of her memories, but has vast of knowledge about Revenants and Vein that will be shared with the protagonist. She ponders the meaning of the Altar of Blood, an establishment where its strange animal sculptures causes her unrest.


Also, the magazine divulges more information on the combat system within Code Vein.

The Revenants “Blood Veil” will play a central role in combat that will allow you to unleash special abilities and grow in strength by sucking and stockpiling blood with a push of a button, with differences in timing and animation depending on the Blood Veil type. Alternating between drawing blood and attacking is crucial to survival in combat against the Lost.

While under the influence of the Blood Veil the damage dealt and blood drawn from enemies are both greatly increased (similar to Dante’s Devil Trigger from DMC), but as always this carries a risk in which damage dealt to you is also greatly increased. It will take practice and skill in mastering this otherwise risky but excellent offensive weapon.

Holding down R2 will enable you to perform a special Blood Veil ability: “Hemorrhage“, which you can equip. Up to Eight different types can be equipped and activated for offense, defense and other effects. In addition, there are also passive Hemorrhage that gives your character a nice boost. It is important to keep your blood stock in check so you don’t run out as these special abilities can mean life or death on the battlefield.

When you receive a large amount of damage, your “Concentration Gauge” is filled to a point where you automatically enter a “Crisis” state making you much more impervious to attacks and thus increasing your ability to suck blood for about twenty seconds. This gives you a chance to turn the tides of a desperate situation.


Accompanying you throughout your journey will be a “Companion”. Your companion is optional but helpful in a battle, such as flanking your enemies and taking on a support role by healing and buffing your character as well as enabling a special duo Hemorrhage ability that you can perform together.

Your companion can also be your blood bag, meaning you can suck up their blood for yourself should you need to. They are also at risk of being incapacitated in battle and would have to be revived at a checkpoint.

Though your companion can’t be controlled directly, a set of predetermined orders can be given such as: Guard and Retreat commands.

Code Vein Gallery

You can check out the screenshots below, but as they’re magazine scans their quality won’t be the best:

You can treat yourself to a batch of GIFs showcasing Code Vein gameplay in action!

Code Vein is slated to launch for the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2018.

You can also keep up with more Code Vein at TGS 2017 as we’ll be doing coverage on a playable demo of this game and much more!

Visit the Code Vein Wiki!


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