New Code Vein PS4 Gameplay Premieres Io in Action

New Code Vein PS4 Gameplay Premieres Io in Action

Up until now Bandai Namco has only showed a few glimpses of Io from Code Vein in some images and trailers but we have yet to be able to see her in action. At this year’s Ani-Com & Games Expo 2018 in Hong Kong, Bandai Namco show off some of Io in action in this Souls-like JRPG.

New Code Vein PS4 Gameplay Premieres Io in Action

Those who were lucky enough attend the Ani-Com & Game Expo in Hong Kong, got to see the Io companion character in action. The voice actor for Io is the same one who did some voice acting for Fire Emblem Fates.

Io has lost most of her memories and awakes not knowing much about the world around her.

Bandai first showed a cutscene featuring Io who suffers for amnesia, having lost most of her memories she struggles to put the pieces back together.

We also get to see some of the gameplay from PS4 showing her in action as a companion character. Set in the area called Ridge of Frozen Souls, Io uses a large halberd as her main choice of weapon. In a further video, we get to see some boss battle action with Io as the support character.

The interview at the expo also shows off some of the customisation that players will have for their characters which includes gender, body shape, hairstyle, voice style, eye-colour and facial features such as scars.

Character Customisation includes adding face scars

You can check out more the screenshots of Io below including her in action using a halberd:

Code Vein is set to launch next year in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are currently available on Amazon.

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