Mortal Shell Build Guide: Tiel, The Acolyte

In this Mortal Shell Guide we’re going to be taking a look at the Tiel, the Acolyte Shell, which is likely the third Shell players will acquire within the game. I’ll be providing tips on which Skills to take, which Weapons work best with this Shell, and who should be using this Shell in their first playthrough based on its playstyle. If you’ve been wondering if this is the Shell for you, or how to best utilize it, read on to find out.

Mortal Shell Build Guide: Tiel, The Acolyte

Tiel, the Acolyte is likely the third shell you’ll find in Mortal Shell, and if you’ve played the beta already then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the area he is located. However, he is not in the same exact place he was. Tiel is now located in the cave where you fight Ven Noctivagu, which is in Fallgrim Outskirts.

Tiel The Acolyte’s Stats

Tiel has lowest Durability of any Shell, meaning he can take the least amount of hits before he is knocked out of his Shell or killed. For this reason players using him may be killed more often until they become familiar with the mechanics of the game so I wouldn’t recommend him to new players who are just playing for the first time.

Tiel has very poor Resolve (only 2 bars), which is another reason he isn’t new player friendly, as you won’t be able to do many Empowered Ripostes or Weapon Abilities with him. These things can drastically help a new player, especially since you can heal with an Empowered Riposte, and healing is desperately needed until you’ve figured out the rhythm of combat.

Tiel has the highest Stamina in the game by a long shot, allowing him to get off many more attacks than other Shells before he must let his Stamina replenish, though Harros’ Accretion of Endurance Skill puts him much closer to Tiel than it might seem. This is Tiel’s biggest strength, and is why he is so good in properly trained hands. Additionally, it allows him to use any Weapon in Mortal Shell without having to worry at all about Stamina management.

Which Tiel Skills to Take

Once the Skill tree is unlocked you’ll get to see just which Skills Tiel possesses, and looking over them you’ll notice immediately that Tiel’s speciality is Poison. A good number of his Skills deal with this mechanic, and though Poison isn’t super helpful in Mortal Shell, it can allow him to one or two shot enemies that other Shells cannot.

Accretion of Yearning Tiel
Accretion of Yearning
– Accretion of Yearning is not the best skill Tiel possesses, but it is the one you should aim to get first. This is because it has a lower Tar and Glimpse cost, and also because you’ll need it more often earlier in the game when you are still getting the hang of things than later on. This skill will make you practically invulnerable to poison, and there are some really annoying poison effects in the game.

Accretion of Dominance Tiel
Accretion of Dominance
– Accretion of Dominance is arguably the best skill that Tiel possesses, because it nearly guarantees that you’ll poison an enemy when you strike them if you haven’t been hit since you last killed an enemy. The better you get at the game the more you’ll use this ability, and it will allow you to one or two shot some enemies that other Shells cannot. Get this second if you didn’t already take it before Accretion of Yearning.

Accretion of Inheritance
Accretion of Inheritance
– Accretion of Inheritance is one of the best skills Tiel can take, but it’s not one that you will take early on. This is because it improves the odds that you will trigger Tiel’s other skills, and until you have those, this skill just isn’t very useful. Take this one after you’ve taken all other Accretion Skills, but make sure that you do take it.

Recollection of Death
– Recollection of Death is a great Skill to take on any Shell because it allows you to regain “Last Chance” if you’ve lost it, which means you can be knocked out of your Shell once more before actually dying. By the time you grab this Skill you likely won’t need it as much as you once did, but it still comes in handy because mistakes get made. Take this one after you’ve taken all Accretion Skills.

You should take the other Accretions after Accretion of Dominance in any order you wish, but most are not overly useful. Accretion of Resolve seems great on paper, but you’ll find that you rarely sprint so much that it causes Stamina issues on Tiel. Accretion of Ascent triggers only when you get hit, which is something you are trying to avoid, and you are rarely low on Stamina with Tiel so Accretion of Endurance is not as good as it could be. However, make sure you gain all skills and then speak with Sester Genessa afterwards, as she becomes a merchant that sells some items that you will 100% want!

Which Weapons to Use with Tiel

Because Tiel has a ton of Stamina, you can use any of the games 4 Weapons with him effectively. However, I recommend using either the Martyr’s Blade or the Hammer and Chisel with him for a couple of reasons.

The Martyr’s Blade requires a good chunk of Stamina to wield, and since Tiel has the most of any Shell this makes him the best candidate to use this Weapon. Not only will you avoid Stamina issues that other Shells will likely have, but you can also one shot a good number of enemies once you’ve gained Accretion of Dominance, drastically speeding up combat. There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting an enemy and he has 5% HP left, so you have to strike him again to get rid of it, using up valuable Stamina. Poison solves this problem for Tiel when using this Weapon, so they make a great combo.

The Hammer and Chisel are also a great choice because you can often stagger enemies with repeated strikes, never giving them a chance to attack. Having more Stamina means you can continuously swing away without the need to fall back as often to regain Stamina. Additionally, Tiel has very low Resolve, which can make you feel like you’re missing out on weapon attacks when using this Shell. However, you will find you don’t use them often with this weapon since they aren’t overly good, which helps to negate some of that feeling.

You can of course use either the Hallowed Sword or the Smoldering Mace with this Shell, and to good effect. But these are the two weapons I recommend the most, since I don’t think other Shells can use them quite as effectively.

Final Thoughts

Tiel is an excellent Shell for confident players that have a strong sense of the game’s mechanics, and feel like combat is too slow for them. By having such a large Stamina pool, these players will be able to pull off more attacks and dodges, speeding up combat and allowing them to play to their aggressive nature. However, I don’t recommend this Shell to new players because the small Health pool doesn’t afford many mistakes before death, and you are sure to make plenty when first learning the game.

The biggest problem you’ll find with Tiel is that his Resolve is extremely low, and that he can only hold a maximum of 2 bars at once. Since many Weapon Abilities cost 2 bars of Resolve, you’ll either waste a lot of Resolve by staying full until the right moment to use a Weapon Ability, or you’ll never be able to use Weapon Abilities because you’d rather Parry at every convenience preventing this waste. This also makes things challenging for new players who are less likely to Parry, and are in more need of Weapon Abilities that are excellent to have against Bosses and Mini-Bosses.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other guides on the other 3 Shells, as well as our Getting Started Guide and Boss Guides. And, if you need help figuring something else out, like the location of certain items, be sure to stop by the Official Wiki and get the help you need!


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