Mood Schmusic top 5

Mood Schmusic top 5

Last updated on August 9th, 2015


Sometimes you just want to pick a general direction,  just walk and like think about stuff and things, nothing in particular. A dude in work got me into electronic mood music\ambient, he just handed me his mp3 player 1 day (I was wound up over trying to fix a problem) and told me go for a smoke, take a listen and walk. I honestly couldn’t remember what went through my head but once i got back my head\rage was cleared.  So i always got a playlist on my mp3 player ready.

Don’t hear, don’t listen, just feel.




LeftField: Swords from Rhythm and Stealth.

Dunno why but this tune makes me walk stealthily. Mood just matches the lyrics.

Leftfield are pretty cool, they’re generally more upbeat than this tune but do have some fantastic slow moody tunes.



The Orb: Little Fluffy Clouds from The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

Uumm Bacon marshmallows. The definition of trippy music. Literally made for lying down and looking up at the sky.

They’ve been around for a while but discovered them around the 0’s, not a big fan of their other tunes, they’re ok not great.



DJ Shadow: Midnight in Perfect world from Entroducing.

So schmooth. I can’t help but strut when walking and listening to this.

Got into Shadow when i heard a tune from a Guiness ad (stem long stem) and spend a while tracking who he was. I’m pretty sure Entroducing was the first album that was made 100% from sampling.



Air: la femme d’argent from Moon Safari

I’m walking down the street in clogs, pink leper print flare pants, there’s a good chance I’ve tucked my shirt and alligator skin jacket into my Y-fronts, I’m listening to this tune and you know what i feel ****ing cool. This song just exudes coolness, it’s the above songs schmoothness by a factor of 10.

Air’s debut album, they’ve done a lot of soundtracks, most notably Lost in Translation. France have had some great electronica music over the years.



Orbital: Halcyon On and On from Orbital 2

Let me tell you a story, of an Irish dude who decided, you know it’s snowing (we rarely get it) I’m going to walk the 3 miles back to my hotel, I’m in a foreign country with a vocabulary that consists entirely of  excuse me, thank you and fart, oh and wodka. Freezing my nuts off, feeling a bit tipsy, I put on my head phones and put this tune on repeat. All i can remember was, I was content, an hour later I had no idea how I got to where I was , or where i was. I flagged a cab, showed a card with the hotel, he laughed and drove around the corner to the hotel. This tune will always stick to me for that, it just totally loses me.

Orbital are kings of this Genre.


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