Monster Hunter’s Rathalos Joins Final Fantasy 14 on August 7th

Monster Hunter’s Rathalos Joins Final Fantasy 14 on August 7th

Square Enix reveals today that the infamous Rathalos from Monster Hunter World will be coming Final Fantasy XIV on August 7th 2018 which is apart of the crossover event. We learn more about what the event will entail.

Monster Hunter’s Rathalos Joins Final Fantasy XIV on August 7th

Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving a new update version 4.36 which will go live along the with Rathalos. Players will be able to take on the beast in a new quest called The Great Hunt. There will be two versions of the event, one called the standard challenge allowing up to eight players to take part and the Extreme which allows a group of four to take on the challenge.

Rathalos Armour Set

Not only will the crossover bring in the mighty Rathalos, but also a range of rewards. Players will be able to obtain the Rathalos Armour set and mount, Palico as well as Poogie minions and a BBQ Spit furnishing. There are a few requirements in order to take part, Final Fantasy 14 players will need to be at level 70 and have completed the Stormblood expansion beforehand.

The crossover event will also taking place in Monster Hunter World which was shared by Square Enix last week, the Behemoth will be joining Monster Hunter World on August 2nd 2018. The announcement of the release of the PC version Monster Hunter World is coming on August 9th 2018.

The update will got live on August 7th, 2018 on PS4 and PC, Final Fantasy XIV is currently available to play on these platforms.

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