Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Complete Guide

Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Complete Guide

Last updated on February 15th, 2019

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World gets a new update bringing with it the introduction of the Witcher Collaboration Event. Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest is the event in question which has a couple of hidden side-quests among the main objective, in order to find out what’s wrong in the Ancient Forest. In this guide I’ll will share how you can complete the main quest as well as the 2 hidden side quests.

MHW x The Witcher Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest Complete Guide

In order to begin the Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest players must first accept the main quest by locating some key members for the contract. There will be a further two side quests which will be hidden along with this narrative. Below you will find where to gain the quests and what will be needed to complete them.

Play as Geralt of Rivia in the quest to solve the mystery of the Ancient Forest contract.

Main Quest

Firstly, players will have to find 2 members of the Research crew which will be marked on the map. Talk to them and exhaust their dialogue. The Endemic Life Researcher will be in Quadrant 3 and after exhausting her dialogue players will have to follow black feathers to Quadrant 1. The Chief Botanist’s journal will be found in Quadrant 11 and players will have to follow the trail to find more journals and eventually the Chief Botanist himself. On the path to find him players will have some large red roots they should investigate by pressing [O] near them. The path will lead players to the Chief Botanist in Quadrant 8. Exhaust his dialogue then use a Igni Sign to burn the roots. This will prompt you to destroy the Leshen’s totem and too will be marked on your map. Now you have successfully completed this part of your mission, lets head towards the side quests.


The Chief Issue

Around the map there will be marking on the walls that will need to be deciphered. Head to camp 11, as you leave the camp the marks will be found on the walls. Investigate them with [O] then find the Lynian Researcher now marked on the map with a !. Talking to him will send you on a quest to the top of the Ancient Forest to talk to some Gajalakas. Fly towards camp 17 and proceed to where the Rathalos usually resides at in Quadrant 16. The Gajalakas are all riled up so players will need to defeat them in order to have a talk with them. Exhausting their dialogue will send players to hunt down the Handler. Fly towards Camp 1 and exhaust the dialogue with Handler to learn the location of the Giant Vigorwisp and the Gajalaka Chief. Mark the Giant Vigorwasp in Quadrant 13 then head towards camp 11. Follow the scoutflys until you find the location. Players will find the chief but they will have to defeat him and 2 Gajalakas. Upon defeating him, players will be finished with this sidequest.

Pukei-Pukei in Peril

Nearby the Chief Botanist in Quadrant 8 there will be several Pukei-Pukei wrapped in those dreaded roots. There will be one near the North section of this quadrant alive. Free him with the Igni Sign and he will fly off into the distance. Now head back to complete the main quest.

Save this weakened Pukei-Pukei with Igni Sign

Finishing the Main Quest

Proceed to Quadrant 12 to destroy the Leshen’s totem by pressing [O] near it. The Leshen will appear and players will have to defeat it. At times the Leshen will have a crow aura that needs to be burn by using the Igni Sign. His primary attacking are summoning roots to attack the player. The offensive version will travel in a linear path while the defensive version will summon a wall of root around the Leshen. The Leshen likes to teleport around the area, so break out the slinger and shoot his head to prevent him from doing so. Be wary as there are scatternutes, redpits, puddle pods, and the Leshen will drop dragon pods.

After the Leshin teleports twice he will summon a Jagras pack to fight the player. Eliminate them to not worry about chip damage and knockbacks during the fight with the Leshen. Use the environment to mount the Leshen to get easy damage on him.

Finally when the Leshin moves location, the 4th and final time our friend the Pukei-Pukei will arrive to help us out. The Pukei-Pukei can die during this event so be on your guard to avoid this outcome. The Leshen will summon a Jagras pack to help him combat the player and the Pukei-Pukei. Take out the pack quickly to keep your new friend safe. Continue cycling between Igni Sign to burn, stun, and negate his crow aura, and melee attacks to defeat the Leshin. Players find in their inventory 3 Lifepowders that will heal the Pukei-Pukei if his health gets too low so use them when needed.

Player & Pukei-Pukei vs Leshen

Once the Leshin is defeated and all the side quests players will view several cutscenes with all the people and animals the Witcher has helped out.

For completing the Main Quest players will receive the Hunter Runestone item, The Witcher 3: Flame Manipulation gesture, The Witcher 3: Dark Clouds card background, The Witcher 3: White Wolf pose, and several titles: Witcher, Geralt, Ciri, Leshen, Igni, and White Wolf.

For completing the The Chief Issue players will receive a Gajalaka Shellshock which allows Gajalakas to helps the player out more often.

For completing the Pukei-Pukei in Peril players will receive an attack jewel.

For completing the main quest and all side quests players will unlock the prestigious Wild Hunt title.

To watch this quest in action check out the video below:

Monster Hunter World is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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