Monster Hunter World Will No Longer Be Available in China

Monster Hunter World Will No Longer Be Available in China

It has been announced that PC version of Monster Hunter World will no longer b e able for sale in China. The Capcom-developed title recently launched on PC last week but news from the government in China means that the game will be pulled from PC.

Monster Hunter World Will No Longer Be Available in China

WeGame the platform in China which is soon to launch it’s global online store sets to rival Steam, and was set to host the title. The platform owned by mega corporation Tencent, was licensed and launched on the WeGame platform. However, days after it’s launch the government cited complaints from customers but no specifics have been shared.

This isn’t uncommon with international games that are to set to be released for the Chinese market. Games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was licensed by Tencent but before it could be released it would need to be align with government values but what this would entail was not shared by PUBG Corp or Tencent.

Sources such as The Financial Times cited unnamed sources which believes it could be less about the game’s actual content but more to do with bureaucracy dealing with new media regulators causing “months-long freeze on the approvals of new mobile games in China”.

Tencent is one of the largest corporations in China to date, providing a mass mobile platform called  WeChat. The tech company has invested heavily in western games bringing League of Legends from Riot Games and now has on-going contracts with Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Supercell as well as the developer and publisher Paradox.

Tencent have set to refund those who have already purchase Monster Hunter World, a 30 days request for money back is available to those who were affected. The MMO is functioning in China for the time being.

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