Monster Hunter World: Velkhana Beta Guide

Monster Hunter World: Velkhana Beta Guide

Velkhana, the ice queen of Iceborne arrives in the latest beta for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. This will keep melee players on their toes as they fight against this creature. Follow this guide to avoid being frozen in your tracks in this encounter.

Monster Hunter World: Velkhana Beta Guide

Those playing the Monster Hunter Iceborne Beta have the opportunity to fight Velkhana in Elder’s Recess by undertaking Velkhana in the Frost quest. In this guide we will focus on both Solo Strategy and Multiplayer, you can find the step by step and recommended items to take out the icy Velkhana.

Below you will find a list of Velkhana’s attacks:

Velkhana Attacks

  • Body Charge
  • Grounded Tail Stab
  • Double Grounded Tail Stab
  • Tail Sweep
  • Aerial Tail Stab
  • Double Aerial Tail Stab
  • Aerial Tail Sweep
  • Freezing Breath
  • Freezing Breath Beam
  • Freezing Pool Breath
  • Wide Arc Freezing Breath Beam
  • Triple Ice Ring Freezing Breath
  •  Ice Creation Breath
  • 360 Freezing Breath Beam
  • Ice Boulder Creation
  • Ice Stalactite Creation


This icy new monster seems to be somewhere between a Rathalos and a Legiana, and will be the main antagonist of the expansion, in the way that Nergigante was to the original launch. As such we can expect the monster to appear after some story progression only in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and its gear to be some of the best in the game. But we can get a taste of the action in this beta, so read on for the best strategy!

To find out more about this ice monster you can check out our Velkhana wiki page.

Solo Strategy

Start by entering the tent and pick up some Flash Bombs, Mega Barrel Bombs, Demon and Hardshell powder. Eat for attack Medium at the camp before heading out to quadrant 9 to find Velkhana. She will be walking in a square path passive until you attack her. Use your powders and place some bombs in her path and ignite them when she walks nearby.

For those using light weapons like a long sword, when using the clutch claw you”ll make the monster drop slinger pods. In this case, you’ll obtain some Dragon Pods. Shoot 3 at her to shed her ice armor/coating. You may elect to use 2 Poison Knives to proc poison and 3 knives to proc paralysis. Hunters can make use of the sloped terrain to get aerial attacks to mount Velkhana. Alternatively this area is small enough to use the Clutch Claw to grab onto the monster and use your Slinger ammo to send it flying into a wall causing a knockdown.

You want Velkhana to move to area 2 before the “10 minutes remaining” prompt appears. She will be in quadrant 8 under a large stalactite-like boulder that can be knock down onto her. Run at her shooting the boulder when you reach about halfway through the area. If you didn’t pop your Might Pill in area 1, this will be a good opportunity for you to do so. It’s important to hit Velkhana with the second boulder so use your might time to aim and hope she stays underneath long enough, to get another knockdown and some nice damage on her.

Velkhana usually is enraged during this second area so be sure not to use the Clutch Claw Slinger move during this time, as it will not work. You may use the Clutch Claw Tenderizer attack if you wish. Once you do enough damage Velkhana will fly off to area 3. It is possible to flash her down when she flies but it must be early in her take off. It also helps if she isn’t coated in ice. If you want to be safe, flash her before she takes off to buy some more time with her in this area. Players can head to camp x in quadrant x to resupply and/or change mantles.

Area 3 will be in quadrant 2 near all the various toads. This is a good area as there are a sloped ground to get mount attacks off, nitro and Paratoads to activate, and a narrow fighting area helps sling Velkhana into a wall for some knockdowns. Just be sure she isn’t enraged! Attempt to have as many Nitrotoads blast damage hit Velkhana as it deals heavy damage to her quickening the pace of this hunt.

Most likely at this point the “5 minutes remaining” prompt will appear during this area. This creates a fork in the hunt:

  • Either Velkhana will limp away and sleep in the final area
  • Or she will head to area 4 in quadrant 3

If she heads to area 4 in quadrant 3, time will have elapsed before you can slay Velkhana. If she heads to sleep in the final area in quadrant 6, make sure you don’t beat her to the area as this will prevent her from falling asleep. Let her fly into the area and sleep then make your way there. Place the last of your bombs and DPS her until she is defeated.

Multiplayer Strategy

Mulitplayer will play out very similarly to the solo guide except you can choose your camp. Start at camp 16 and pick up the attack seeds that are right outside camp. Besides that everything should be the same. Work together to take down Velkhana. I suggest hunters to solo it first as multiplayer may prove to be more frustrating than single player.

Velkhana Rewards

Defeating Velkhana will reward players with the A list Certified pack. Players can carve Velkhana giving a glimpse of some of her materials like:

  • Velkhana Cortex
  • Velkhana Crystal
  • Velkhana Crownhorn
  • Velkhana Hardclaw
  • Velkhana Tail
  • Velkhana Fellwing

The Monster Hunter World Iceborne Velkhana beta takes place on Playstation 4 from Friday, August 30 to 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, September 1. The Xbox One beta will take place from 12:01am PDT on Monday, September 2 to 11:59pm PDT on Wednesday, September 4.

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