Monster Hunter World: Upcoming Cosmetic & Existing Add-Ons

Monster Hunter World: Upcoming Cosmetic & Existing Add-Ons

Last updated on July 4th, 2018

Capcom is striking while the Monster Hunter World iron is hot as they reveal more downloadable cosmetic content (add-ons) to supplement the new Spring event and upcoming crossover events.

Capcom Cosmetic Additions to MHW

All content is paid unless otherwise stated. In the video below, Capcom reveals and showcases several new cosmetic additions:

New Summer cosmetics

On July 11th a new collaboration with MHW x Peanuts will take place. It will include a special stage and collaboration limited items. Players should log in on July 11 to receive the login bonus of the collaboration commemoration.

New Spring cosmetics:

  • Character Change Ticket
  • Gesture Pack
  • Stamp Pack
  • New Hairstyles
  • The Handler’s Astera 3 star Chef Coat
  • Rockman stamps arriving April 13th
  • Devil May Cry Gesture arriving April 27
  • Devil May Cry Set¬†arriving April 27
  • The Handler’s Chun-Li costume arriving April 27th
  • All paid between 3-4 USD each

On the official Monster Hunter Japan’s twitter they posted:

Download Contents Lineup Vol. 2 published today, April 6 (Fri)! Items such as the communication items and grooming items, to deliver the item to make the Hunter life more fun!

DLC Lineup Vol. 2 start of April 13 delivery: Additional stamp set [Rockman set] and April 27 delivery start: additional gestures [Devil May Cry akimbo handgun], Also information such as the receptionist dress up costume [Chun-Li costume]!

Have we received a hint of when the Devil May Cry event will be coming out? The Rock man cosmetic lines up with the in-game event so if that pattern is consistent, players can see Dante in their games on April 27th.

Spring Blossom Festival Add-Ons


  • Additional Gesture Bundle 3 $3.99 USD
    • Passionate Gesture
    • Spin-O-Rama Gesture
    • Air Splits¬†Gesture
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 4 $7.99 USD
    • Feverish Dance¬†Gesture
    • Interpretive Dance¬†Gesture
    • Gallivanting Dance¬†Gesture
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 5¬†$2.99 USD
    • Windmill Whirlwind¬†Gesture
    • Squat Day¬†Gesture
  • Additional Sticker Bundle 2¬†$3.99 USD
    • Classic Monster Set
    • Endemic Life Set
    • Research Commission Set


  • Air Splits¬†Gesture $1.99 USD
  • Feverish Dance¬†Gesture¬†$3.99 USD
  • Gallivanting Dance¬†Gesture¬†$3.99 USD
  • Squat Day¬†Gesture¬†$1.99 USD
  • Windmill Whirlwind¬†Gesture $1.99 USD
  • The Admiral Hairstyle Free
  • The Handler Hairstyle Free
  • Classic Monster Sticker Set $1.99 USD
  • Endemic Life Sticker Set¬†$1.99 USD
  • Research Commission Sticker Set $1.99 USD
  • Handler’s Busy Bee Dree $2.99 USD

Non Spring Blossom Festival Add-Ons


  • Additional Gesture Bundle 1 Free
    • Dance Gesture
    • Prance¬†Gesture
    • Rant¬†Gesture
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 2 $4.99¬†USD
    • Play Possum¬†Gesture
    • Kowtow¬†Gesture
    • Sleep¬†Gesture
    • Kneel Gesture
  • Additional Sticker Set Bundle 1 $2.99¬†USD
    • Guild Lasses Set
    • Poogie Set
  • Additional Face Paint Bundle $1.99¬†USD
    • Shade Pattern
    • Heart Shape
    • Eye Shadow


  • ¬†The Handler’s Astera 3 Star Chef $2.99¬†USD
  • Hadoken! Gesture¬†$3.99¬†USD
  • Shoryuken! Gesture $3.99¬†USD
  • Street Fighter 5 Sticker Set¬†$1.99¬†USD
  • Free Character Edit Voucher 1 per account
  • Deluxe Kit
  • Play Possum¬†Gesture¬†$1.99¬†USD
  • Kowtow¬†Gesture¬†$1.99¬†USD
  • Sleep¬†Gesture¬†$1.99¬†USD
  • Kneel Gesture¬†$1.99¬†USD
  • Guild Lasses Set $1.99 USD
  • Poogie Set $1.99¬†USD
  • Shade Pattern $0.99¬†USD
  • Heart Shape¬†$0.99¬†USD
  • Eye Shadow¬†$0.99¬†USD
  • Provisions Manager Hairstyle Free
  • Field Team Leader Hairstyle Free
  • The Handler’s Guidmarm Costume¬†$2.99¬†USD

If you are looking for more Monster Hunter World info, read what is inside the new Spring Blossom Festival released on April 6th and the contents of the Spring Update released on March 22nd for all. Alternatively, you can go in-depth with our featured guides: Attack Values & You, Crown Sizes & You, Monster Hunter World: The Canteen Explained With Ingredient Guide or Monster Hunter World: End Game Guide.

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