Monster Hunter World: Secret New Years Event?

Monster Hunter World: Secret New Years Event?

Last updated on January 1st, 2019

Anew Event will be introduced to Monster Hunter World, by Capcom between December 31st to January 1st. This Monster Hunter World Event will be available with the usual weekly events for consoles.

Monster Hunter World: Secret New Year’s Event?

Mosswinin’ and Dinin’

  • Available from December 31 at 7 PM EST until January 1 6:59 PM EST.
  • 6 ★ located in the Arena
  • Players must be HR 11 or higher
  • Player must slay 4 large Mosswine and 1 Extra Jumbo Mosswine.
    • These Mosswine will 1 shot players even if they are using Temporal Mantle.
    • Shoot them with Stones to stagger them.
  • Players will obtain a Faux Ticket, a Golden Egg, some Mosswine parts, and at least 1 of each Armor Sphere.
    • Remember Faux Tickets are used to create the Mosswine Helm and Felyne Helm.
  • My personal rewards were:
    • Mosswine Hides
    • Blue Mushrooms
    • Devil’s Blight
    • Faux Ticket
    • Golden Egg
    • Armor Sphere
    • Armor Sphere +
    • Hard Armor Sphere
    • Advance Armor Spheres

Other Events of 12/27 – 1/3

“SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce Event”

  • 8 ★ located in the Special Arena
  • Players must be HR 14 or higher
  • Player must slay a Deviljho, an Odogaron, and a Lunastra.
    • Deviljho and Odogaron will be roaming the arena and once they are killed Lunastra will emerge.
  • Players will obtain “Senu’s Feather” to craft an Assassin Creed full layered armor and mantle.
  • Players will need to complete this mission 4 times.
    • Then proceed to the Smithy and talk to those inside. When you have the required materials head to where the bounty board is at to complete the deliveries.

Ya Ku With That?

Deep Green Blues

  • 7 ★ located in the Ancient Forest
  • Players must be HR 13 or higher
  • Player must hunt a Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath and Rathalos.

Effluvial Opera

  • 7 ★ located in the Rotten Vale
  • Players must be HR 13 or higher
  • Players must hunt a Great Girros, an Odogaron, a Radobaan, and a Bazelgeuse.

A Nose For An Eye

  • 9 ★ located in the Ancient Forest
  • Players must be HR 30 or higher
  • Players must hunt a Tempered Anjanath and a Tempered Azure Rathalos.
  • This event provides players with increased experience.

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