Monster Hunter World PS4 Gameplay – Barroth TGS 2017

We had an amazing capture opportunity for Monster Hunter World at TGS 2017, featuring multiplayer action vs Barroth for the quest “Wildspire Rampage“. Set in the Wildspire Waste, the quest takes you through quite a large trek to find your target monster, and we made sure to pick up plenty of goodies on the way. A full list of them will be available on the Monster Hunter World Wiki.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Gameplay – Barroth TGS 2017

Some key takeaways from our time with the game, which was AWESOME:

  • The controls follow the tried-and-true style of the series, and you can continue to operate by reflex if you are a longtime fan. For newcomers, however, there are a few key functions that can be re-mapped so as to allow for a more intuitive interface for different players
  • Item preparations and materials are the same or similar to the ones we’ve always seen, as is combinations
  • Guild Styles are not making a return.
  • Strong attacks, such as the LongSword Spirit Attack, have been remapped to a slightly different setup
  • The game runs in 4k on PS4, although our capture is reduces so as to keep the size small.  The 1080p demo version is running at 30FPS.
  • The graphics are simply outstanding. The level of detail of water and algae, of other monsters, the grass and the main monster’s animations are absolutely breathtaking. Youtube compression does not do this game justice!
  • The demo version presents characters with max stats forth both health and stamina, and difficulty was NOT scaled for multiplayer (although there seemed to be a console setting for it on the debug version, so we assume this is the game’s scaling for MP simply being turned off). As such, gameplay looks easy on the screen and players can defeat monsters in the allocated time without remembering special attacks or using many items.


Awesome Nergigante is as awesome as the cosplay

Monster Hunter World PS4 Gameplay Video

Here is the video, and you can find our developer interview here in a few days, answering as many questions as we could ask!

*Please note the voices you hear are coming through the headset of Player 1, it wasn’t us chatting things up 😉


The upcoming action-RPG, Monster Hunter: World will launch worldwide for the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018 and a PC release following sometime later.

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You can also check out this Interview with Director Yuya Tokuda  and Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto  on the new features of Monster Hunter: World. Such as this 4 Player Online Co-Op demonstrated by Director and Producer themselves.

Visit the Monster Hunter: World wiki


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