Monster Hunter World PC Launch Day 1 Resources

Monster Hunter World PC Launch Day 1 Resources

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

A quick list of useful Monster Hunter World Tips & Links to assist veteran and new hunters alike for PC launch. A similar version of this guide has been posted to the MHW subreddit.

Monster Hunter World PC Launch Day 1 Resources

Your first step will likely be selecting a weapon. Here are basic guides for all 14 weapon classes to get you started, compiled with the feedback from participants from the Monster Hunter World subreddit and discord!


Click the Weapon name for a Weapon Tree and info, or the video if you want a quick overview

Redeeming your Add-Ons and Bonuses

Go to “My Room” in Astera and talk to the Housekeeper Felyne. On the menu “Claim Add-On & Bonuses” you will find your rewards. This is also where you will launch your “Tailrider Safari” which can get you materials once players progress through the story.

Training Room

Go to “My Room” in Astera and talk to the Housekeeper Felyne. Select on the menu “Training Room” to try out your weapon’s combos and feel of it. While this is useful to learn to string combos together, this doesn’t replace real combat practice.

How to Co-op


You have to finish the first few cutscenes before you can join other missions, but it is rather fast! Now the annoying part is you won’t be able to join a quest you haven’t watched on your own world first. So:

  1. Go to the quest board
  2. Post your quest and go in, trigger it
  3. Optional: Find your target monster then FIRE AND SOS FLARE from your quick menu (it’s under options on PS4 or radial menu)
  4. You can quit the quest and join someone else’s quest now by looking for SOS flares or quests posted in a hub if you join an online session.

Squad & Session IDs

To co-op its best to either make a squad with your friends which the game will pool you guys into the same Room/Lobby. Or have 1 person create a new online session and have them invite you personally or provide the session ID for it.

You can find even more details on co-oping here.

Armor and Skills

You will initially only have access to the Leather and Chainmail Armor sets, but it doesn’t end there! There are many sets of Armor to explore. Each piece of armor will provide defense against “regular/physical” damage as well as elemental damage, and in some cases give you a Skill, or a special decoration slot to enhance the piece.

Using several pieces of an Armor Set can grant a special bonus Skill (this will be shown to you in the menu)

You can find a full list of known armors, their materials and effects here: MHW Armor Sets but it doesn’t end there. All armors can be upgraded and knowing the Armor Limits will allow you to optimize your build.

Skills work by adding 1 level of the Skill per item you have equipped that has that skill. Some items and armor pieces have 2 levels of one skill in one piece, so look out for those! Skill levels are mostly accumulated by combining Armor and Charms.

Remember your Palico companion also has Palico Equipment that you can customize!

Festival, Event Quests & Monster DLC

MHW has weekly event, seasonal events and Monster DLC. All of this is free and delivered via weekly rotation of Event Quests. Seasonal and Monster DLC is added via Patches and usually bring about new Armor, Weapons and Monster encounters.


Spring Blossom

Summer Twilight


2.00 – Deviljho

3.00 – Kulve

4.00 – Lunastra

5.00 – Behemoth

Monsters & Materials

Monster Hunter World is all about gathering materials from monsters to craft awesome gear. This Monsters page has links to all monsters and their weaknesses and drops. You can also check out this Carvings page for at-a-glance information.

Once you reach high rank and need the rare monster materials, read Official Gems And Other Rare Materials Drop Percentages.

Monster Mondays is a feature of the Monster Hunter World Subreddit that you should check out!

If you are torn between Capturing a monster or Slaying it, check out Monster Capturing or Carving, What is Best? by PrimeraEspada91.

Don’t stress over monster’s crown sizes until you reach the end game. Crown sizes and you, will be your one stop shop for information.

When to Upgrade

The learning curve isn’t as hard as it was once upon a time, so you can stick to basic gear until around Level 3, when you should consider upgrading your weapons and armor. Weapons are upgraded with Monster Materials, whilst armor is first crafted with them then upgraded with Armor Spheres that you collect from doing Bounties.

Understanding Augments will teach you how this weapon upgrade mechanic works once you reach Hunter Rank 50.

Make sure to eat food at the canteen if the quest is difficult! Use your money to pay for meals until you gather vouchers. Here is how to Optimize Canteen Ingredient Selection.


Those looking to collect all the achievements should check out Monster Hunter World Trophy & Achievement Guide And Roadmap. Remember while steam achievements may differ in the points/trophy, unlocking them is the same.

End Game

Once you have completed the story you are now in the end game portion of the game. This includes tempered monsters, decorations farming, and augmenting weapons & armors. The End Game Guide With Official Drop Percentages will provide lots of key information once you are ready.

Immediate Help

If you need immediate help or are looking for a hunter party, join us on the MHW discord for a chat and some well-done steak!

If you are looking for more Monster Hunter World info, you can go in-depth with our featured guides: Summer Twilight FestivalAll MHW Guild Card BackgroundsAll Armor LimitsEverything about Kulve TarothLong Sword Elemental LimitsAttack Values & YouCrown Sizes & YouMonster Hunter World: The Canteen Explained With Ingredient Guide or Monster Hunter World: End Game Guide.


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