Monster Hunter World on PC to Get Free High Resolution Texture DLC

Monster Hunter World on PC to Get Free High Resolution Texture DLC

Capcom are releasing a DLC pack set to bring Monster Hunter World players on PC a better resolution texture which is set to release on April 4th.

Monster Hunter World on PC to Get Free High Resolution Texture DLC

Announced via the Steam page, Capcom outline the features of the upcoming High Resolution Texture Pack DLC for Monster Hunter World that will be available for free via Steam. The update 5.2. will go live on April 4th at 00:00am UTC, which contains the graphics update and some new features.

Graphics comparison image via MHW Steam Page

High Resolution Texture Pack DLC

The pack DLC contains the following details as shared by the Steam page:

Major New Features/Design Changes:

– Added support for High Resolution Texture Pack DLC.
You can change to high resolution in-game textures by downloading
this pack as free DLC from the Steam store.
Note: The High Resolution Texture Pack requires at least 40GB of
free space and 8GB of graphic memory (VRAM). We will provide
more detailed information on the system requirements after the update.

– Added a “TAA+FXAA” option to Anti-Aliasing in the Advanced Graphics Settings.

– When selecting “Take All” at the rewards screen after completing a quest,
a list of all items received will now be displayed.

– Added a new mouse control type that is less sensitive to unintentional movement
when controlling the Focus Camera with the mouse.

– Added a “Friends Can Join” option to the Private Session Settings.

– Various bug fixes, including localization-related issues.

Monster Hunter World is available to play on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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  1. ckmishn says:

    But will Capcom release a Denuvo-free version the way they did for DMC5? Denuvo is known to be a significant drain on system resources and it was cracked for MHW months ago.

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