Monster Hunter: World New Info On Mantles, Palico & House Pets!

Monster Hunter: World New Info On Mantles, Palico & House Pets!

Last updated on November 19th, 2017

Capcom has let loose another batch of details on their upcoming Monster Hunter: World  action-RPG, giving us a look at the Health Mantle, Palico Tools and House Pets.

Monster Hunter: World – Launching Next Year!

Previously, new light was shed on MH:W‘s  version of Guilds called Squads, its Social Hub and much more.

First off, the new “Health Mantle” coming to the game. This is a special piece of equipment, as the Health Mantle is able to “Absorb” a certain amount  of damage in place of the player.

However, should the damage exceed the fixed threshold, the Health Mantle’s effects will be negated. Also, special equipment such as this will have cool-down periods.


Palico Tools

Next, a new tool for your Palico companions, dubbed the “Cheer Instrument”! This musical instrument can produce a variety of tunes, with each sound grant a type of buff such as improved Resistance and increased Attack output.

And as with all Palico Tools, repeated use will increase its Proficiency, thus raising its effectiveness, in addition to new melodies.



And finally, we have “House Pets”. Each location in Monster Hunter: World  is home to a bevy of creatures. Players can capture these creatures for pets and give them a place at their Houses.

Factors such as “House Grade” will affect the number and types of pets that you can acquire.


If you’re hungry for more, you can check out even more new things coming to MH:World.

Monster Hunter: World  was officially announced, with pre-order details, to launch worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with a PC release following sometime later.

Fextralife had an amazing capture opportunity of MH:W  at TGS 2017 of Barroth and the Wildspire Wastes! Also, a limited PlayStation 4 Pro “Liolaeus Edition” was revealed at the event. And if you haven’t heard, Monster Hunter: World  is getting a playable BETA this winter!

Need more of Monster Hunter: World?  Then check out these screenshots and  weapons showcase trailers! If you’re more of a strategist, then this Hunting 101 trailer and survey of the Wildspire Waste, complete with recon images will help you in your hunt.

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