Monster Hunter: World New Details On Botanical Center, Housing & More!

Monster Hunter: World New Details On Botanical Center, Housing & More!

Another batch of new details on the upcoming Monster Hunter: World  action-RPG has been released by Capcom.

Monster Hunter: World – Coming Next Year!

Previously, we learned about the Health Mantle, one the special pieces of equipment in the game, house pets and more. Also, a slew of videos showcased the monsters in their natural habitats.

This time around, the latest details delve into the “Melding Pot” and the “Botanical Research Center” as well as further expanding on player Housing.

Botanical Research Center

The Botanical Research Center is a helpful place for stocking up on certain items such as mushrooms or plants through cultivation. And you can increase the quantity of the harvest by applying things like fertilizer.


Also, you can increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer by allotting it Research points. And as your base camp increases in level, so does your options for items that can be cultivated. Research points can be acquired from the items that you receive by completing expeditions and quests.

A harvest will be ready at a specific point, but will continue to increase production on its own until either it fills up its space, or until you fetch it.


Melding Pot

The Melding Pot is a tool used to convert various ingredients into Melding points, for creating ammunition for weapons such as a crossbow, improve the effects of consumables and more.

A variety of items can also be used as ingredients with each netting you a different number of points. Furthermore, equipment and weapons can be imbued with new skills or have their present skills enhanced through merging accessories into them.


Player Housing

A player’s home is their personal base of operations. Here, you can customize your Palico companions, take advantage of room service and access your item storage. And throughout your playthrough, you’ll be able to try out various grades of housing.

Using Room Service can allow you to manage your captured creatures, get to the new Training Area, select a house grade and more.


If you’re hungry for more, you can check out even more new things coming to MH:World.

Monster Hunter: World  was officially announced, with pre-order details, to launch worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with a PC release following sometime later.

Fextralife had an amazing capture opportunity of MH:W  at TGS 2017 of Barroth and the Wildspire Wastes! Also, a limited PlayStation 4 Pro “Liolaeus Edition” was revealed at the event. And if you haven’t heard, Monster Hunter: World  is getting a playable BETA this winter!

Need more of Monster Hunter: World?  Then check out these screenshots and  weapons showcase trailers! If you’re more of a strategist, then this Hunting 101 trailer and survey of the Wildspire Waste, complete with recon images will help you in your hunt.

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