Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Revisits 3 Big Time-Limited Events

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Revisits 3 Big Time-Limited Events

It’s time to revisit three big events in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne as these events return for a limited time only.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Revisits 3 Big Time-Limited Events

Capcom have announced they will celebrating the first Monster Hunter World Iceborne anniversary this September, by offering players a chance to revisit some major events. This is great for newer players and those who didn’t manage to gain the rewards from these events the first time.

The first event kicks off on August 21st, with the Monster Hunter World Holiday Joy Fest. Completing the limited-time quests available during this event, hunters can gain rewards such as the Oolong Armor Set, Luck Crimson Tiger Pendant and the Shishi-Mai Palico Gear.

You can also pick up the Mad Scavenger Pickaxe (Long Sword), the Duffel Penguin Mask, and the Sealed Dragon Cloth. This event will only be around for one week, finishing on September 3rd.

Then onto the next event from September 4th to September 17th for the Seliana’s Gathering Hub. Here players can take part in the Grand Appreciation Fest, to gain unlockable items such as the Guild Palace weapons, the Astral α+ Armor Set and a number of pendants as well as layered armor.

Finally, the event taking place from September 18th to 30th will be in Seliana for the Full Bloom Fest. Hunters can gain such rewards as the special Poogie costume, some pretty creepy Palico gear, pendants, the Whetfish Dual Blades, and the Downy Crakes layered headgear.

While the exact times for these events have no been shared yet, be on the lookout for the schedule which you can find on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account. Alternatively you can visit our Monster Hunter World wiki which has all the latest info for your monster hunting needs.

Recent MHW Iceborne surpasses 5.8 million units shipped, along with MHW reaching 16 million. Want to know what’s on the horizon for MHW? Check out the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update July To Fall 2020 Roadmap Unveiled.

Monster Hunter World is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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