Monster Hunter World Iceborne Reveals Yian Garuga & Item Pack Contents

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Reveals Yian Garuga & Item Pack Contents

Several Japanese television commercials have aired recently showcasing the various monsters and features the game will contain. In addition, there will be an Item Pack distributed daily from August 26th to September 4th.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Reveals Yian Garuga & Item Pack Contents

A couple of reveals have been unveiled during Japanese TV ads for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. These include the addition of Yian Garuga and Item Packs, which will be available from August 26th onward until Iceborne launches, with different rewards each day. Read on below for the details of each.

Yian Garuga

These short 30 seconds videos shows off a compilation of some the monsters that have recently announced and various new mechanics such as weapon movesets, the Clutch Claw in action, the tailriders, and Seliana. Both videos sneaked in the Yian Garuga a highly aggressive poisonous Bird Wyvern which can be seen about 12 seconds into the first video:


Item Pack

Hunters will be able to acquire daily rewards from the Item Pack that runs from August 26th to September 4th with the following rewards:

August 26

  • 10 Mega Potions & 1 Golden Egg

August 27

  • 10 Mega Potions & 20 Pitfall Traps

August 28

  • 10 Mega Potions & 20 Dash Juice

August 29

  • 10 Mega Potions & 30 Meal Vouchers

August 30

  • 10 Mega Potions & 20 Max Potions

August 31

  • 10 Mega Potions & 30 Lifepowders

September 1

  • 10 Mega Potions & 1 Heavy Armor Sphere

September 2

  • 10 Mega Potions & 10 Ancient Potions

September 3

  • 10 Mega Potions & 20 Mega Barrel Bombs

September 4

  • 10 Mega Potions & 1 Gold Wyverian Ticket

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th. PC version will release in January 2020.

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