Monster Hunter World Iceborne Post-Launch Content Roadmap

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Post-Launch Content Roadmap

Capcom has released the roadmap for free post-launch content for Monster Hunter World Iceborne on PC/consoles, which includes new variant monsters, Grand Appreciation Festival, returning fan-favourite monsters and more.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Post-Launch Content Roadmap

There’s a lot going on this year for Monster Hunter World Iceborne in terms of free post-launch updates, as Capcom have revealed their plan for both console and PC content. Both console and PC players will be able to celebrate Monster Hunter: World’s second anniversary with in-game events happening not only Iceborne but World as well. This roadmap spans over the course of the next 6 months and onward, with plenty happening including syncing major updates for both PC and console starting in April 2020.


From January 24th to February 13th both console/PC players can take part in the Grand Appreciation Fest where players will receive Appreciation Tickets to help in crafting certain gear.


Console players will have limited time access to special event quests that will give players an increased chance of encountering gold crown monsters, decorations and Great Spiritvein Gems as well as maximising your rank.

PC First title update – From February 6th PC players will gain access to Rajang and Guiding Lands Volcanic region which comes with the first tile update. For limited time only PC players will also get to take part in the Raccoon City Collaboration, join the Holiday Joy Fest and gain palico & weapon design contest winner content.

Raccoon City collaboration event brings Leon, Claire and even Mr.X into the monster hunter world.


March is the arrival of the third title update with 2 variant monsters added for console players.

PC Second title update – March 12th will be the addition of Stygian Zinogre, Safi’jilva and Guilding Land Tundra Region for PC players as part of the second title update. The Tundra Region is another place players can gain mats to customise and upgrade weapons. Those looking for a further challenge, can take on Safi’jiiva Siege to earn new Awakened weapons and craft powerful armor sets.

Stygian Zinogre


April marks the first month where content will be synced for both consoles and PC. Only one different is the addition of 2 variant monsters for PC which console players had added in March.

This month has the addition of new Arch-Tempered & Master Rank version of existing monsters. There is also the Astera/Seliana Fest which takes place in each of these hubs.


May will have the return of a fan-favourite monster.


June onward will have further monsters and updates. While June is the last month mentioned on the roadmap, this means after June there will still be further updates and additions to come.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is now available on both PC and consoles. If you need some help exploring the new icy biome be sure to visit our Monster Hunter World Iceborne wiki for all the latest info.

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