Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hunter Helper Guide
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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hunter Helper Guide

Capcom introduced Hunter Helper, an incentive for Hunters to help their fellow Hunters on quests, in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. For those who are unsure what exactly this entails I’ll break down what this means for you and others.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hunter Helper Guide

What Is Hunter Helper and How Does It Impact You?

To encourage higher rank players to help out those who just started or may not progress as quickly as them, when higher rank players help out on lower rank quests they might receive an extra reward.

Master Rank players can help High and Low Rank players and they will receive 1 Gold Wyverian Ticket or 1 Silver Wyverian Ticket respectively when helping.

High Rank Hunters will obtain 1 Silver Wyverian Ticket for helping Low Rank players.

Master Rank -> High/Low Rank = Gold/Silver Wyverian Ticket

High Rank -> Low Rank = Silver Wyverian Ticket

Additional Rewards

Additionally, for those Master Rank players helping others using this system may net you a trophy called Helper Hunter and several Pendants. Pendants are cosmetic tassle-like and/or scarfs that are placed on a weapon. These are reusable, some can be crafted, while others must be unlocked. 3 Pendants can be unlocked by helping High/Low players as Master Rank players. These are the bronze, silver, and gold Guild Pendant.

How To Help Others

In order to help others players must use the SOS feature of Monster Hunter World Iceborne or by joining a qualifying quest from the board for the current online session.

  1. Go to the quest board and load it
  2. Join a quest
  3. Respond to SOS
  4. Under Difficulty select either Low Or High
  5. Choose whichever quest interests you

Overlooked Details

There are a few details that hunters should note when using Hunter Helper, I have made a quick list of these below:

  • Not all the time that a higher level hunter helps a lower rank hunter they will obtain a ticket.
  • Assigned quests tends to give out more tickets than optional ones.
  • Don’t worry as completed quests that didn’t reward you with a ticket still counts towards the trophy and Pendants.
  • The breakdown of the quests seems to be
    • 10 for bronze
    • 20 for silver
    • 40 for gold

We all start somewhere and the Hunter Helper is a great way to assist others who are at the starting ranks while picking up some cool rewards in the process.

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