Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Glavenus Trailer Reveals News Monsters and More

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Glavenus Trailer Reveals News Monsters and More

Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Capcom is not done with showcasing new updates to Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Today they released a new trailer showcasing Glavenus and new subspecies, and a developer diary detailing more about Seliana, gameplay improvements and more. Let’s sift through all the new information!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Glavenus Trailer Reveals News Monsters and More

The Glavenus Trailer picks up where the last trailer ended with Glavenus’ scream in the dark. Now we see him briefly fighting the Rathian in the cave using his trademarked sword like tail. Then it cuts into a beautiful sunset with several hunters sharing hot springs in the new gathering hub in Seliana. It shows off the eating table, relaxing pools, a sauna, and adorable scenes with your palico and wildlife.

Next we see the hunter’s room that can be personalized with colors, décor, and furniture. A post-launch update is planned to allow other players to visit each other’s spaces.

Finally, we get into the new subspecies. We seen the Legiana subspecies and now we see:

  • Ebony Odogaron – A more ferocious Odogaron that deals dragon blight/damage while having a larger attack range.
  • Fulgur Anjanath – A feral Anjanath that radiates lightning from its mouth. Avoid its linear electrifying attacks!

New monsters so far that have been revealed for Iceborne are:

To learn more about each of these new monster you can visit our Monster page on the Monster Hunter World wiki.

Pay attention to the end of the trailer as you will hear another monster, Brachydios:

Seliana & Gathering Hub

As we covered before Seliana features all of the same facilities that are essential to your investigations, such as the Ecological Research Center, the Smithy, the Resource Center, and the rest. Additionally, Seliana’s layout was designed to ensure even easier accessibility to each of the facilities.

This time we see the Gathering Hub that is centered around the Hot Springs. Players can soak in the Hot Springs in both armor, or without armor to help immerse the player with their environment. New Gestures were created to accent the springs like splashing water to other players, or laying on their backs in peace.

In addition to the springs there are saunas and foot baths which you can play with Palicos. Prepare for the ultimate cuteness spa experience!

Your Room

Iceborne allows players to customize their room in Seliana even further than was available before. Change the following to suit your aesthetic:

  • Room Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Lights
  • Curtains

Unfortunately, the placement of the items cannot be moved but new items can be added. Hunters can obtain new items by completing quests and deliveries so make sure you leave no quest unfinished to not miss out any rewards. More items will be added in future updates. Remember the Deluxe Kit Furniture Set that is included in Iceborne Digital Deluxe pre-orders? Well, you can change your normal wooden room into a stone like building, adding an old medieval charm.

Want to invite your friends over to your room? It’s possible, but won’t be available until post launch. The developers are working on having others visit your room.

View Mode aka Picture Mode

As reported before a Picture Mode has been added allowing Hunters to zoom, pose, and snap pictures either solo, with your Palico and even other players!

Layered Armor

Several Layered Armor was apparent in the diary video as well as Pendants, which looks like to be the new name for Charms.

Thermae Set

  • Thermae Layered Wrap
  • Thermae Layered Chest
  • Thermae Layered Cuffs
  • Thermae Layered Belt
  • Thermae Layered Legs
    • 2 Thermae Ticket
    • 5 Prized Pelt
    • 1 Pure Crystal
    • 5000 Points

Dragonking Eyepatch

Strategist Spectacles

Pulverizing Feather

Crystal Earring

Botanical Research Center’s Harvest Box will now have 50 slots compared to 30 before. (Not confirmed if it will start at 50 or players need to complete quests/delivery quests to expand.)

Squads Improvements & Additions

Players can now create and send out squad cards which can be sent out to others without having to be in the same squad session when they have a moment. This allows more people to test out various squad to find their best fit so be sure to send out your squad card like you do with your guild card! Squads now can now have sub leader; they can send out and accept squad cards.

Multiplayer Scaling

As stated before, Hunters can now hunt in a party of 2 and have quest difficulty scale to them; party size of 3 to 4 remains unchanged. Difficulty now re-adjusts to lower levels if player leaves or disconnects but Palicos can’t rejoin if they leave. Go out and have a partner you love to dance with and never let them go.

Multiplayer Compatibility

Can Player A who owns Iceborne play with Player B who only has the Monster Hunter World base game? Yes. Low and High Rank quests will be able to be played with both versions. However, players need to have Iceborne in order to tackle Iceborne content. Remember players must have the base game of Monster Hunter World, have completed the story, be at least Hunter Rank 16, and have purchased the Iceborne expansion in order to access the new Iceborne story and quests.

Confirmed New Palico Gadgets

New Gadgets have been inferred since the beta where the new Vigorwisp Gadget was revealed. Now we have more information about the other Palico Gadgets:

  • Shieldspire Stooge – a mobile decoy that draws a monster’s attention away from the player
  • The Meowcano – a giant jar that shoots out fireballs at enemies
  • Revive Vigorwasp – that can revive players immediately back into battle if they faint.
  • Improved Trap & Plunderer Gadgets (No mention of Bongo Gadget but I hope its simply an omission)

You can watch the video below to see some of this in action:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th. PC version will release sometime in Winter 2019.

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