Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alternative Longsword Build

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alternative Longsword Build

Everyone knows the DPS meta sets for Longswords in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. I’ll be going over an alternative build that focuses more on defensive skills and support skills that can be tailored to players’ needs.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alternative Longsword Build

As I covered in Hierarchy of Skills for Longswords, if we want to make a good efficient defense build we must have Divine Blessing and Health Boost. For support skills we can slot in Wide Range, Recovery Up, Free Meal, and Speed Eating. Below you will find an option for those looking to implement defensive skills and support skills into their longsword builds.

Support Tank

Build’s Name

Poison Support+Tank LS


Wyvern Blade “Luna”

Full Armor & Weapon Decoration Slots

  • Has a total of 5 level 4 decoration slots
  • Has a total of 2 level 2 decoration slots
  • Has a total of 2 level 1 decoration slots


  • 2 Satiated Jewel I
  • 1 Gobbler Jewel I
  • 1 Vitality Jewel I
  • 1 Tenderizer/Protection Jewel IV
  • 2 Critical/Protection Jewel IV
  • 1 Critical/Medicine Jewel IV
  • 1 Satiated/Expert Jewel IV

Wyvern Blade “Luna” can be substituted with Crimson Viperfang II, Deathblade Vaal Grosser, Soulfire Lash “Ruin”, or Soulfire Lash “Blaze”. Blaze is a good choice as it has Guts built-in to prevent a faint just in case the Divine Blessing doesn’t save you. All these alternatives will provide more decorations slots if players need them.

This build is a mixture of DPS, Tank, and Support skills. It uses the Luna sword to poison monsters while having the best raw potential. Hunters can tweak this to be a full on support by maxing out Health Boost, Recovery Up, Speed Eating, and Free Meal. For this combo hunters should use the Glider and whichever element mantle they need (Ice, Fire, Water, Thunder) to provide them with extra slots.

Alternatively, if hunters want more of a solo tank/dps build they can omit the extra speed eating jewels and slot in more offensive jewels. Keeping Free Meal with this build is nice since you don’t need to worry about using up lots of items. Replace the Friendship Charm with Agitator Charm.

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