Monster Hunter World Guide: Unlocking All Campsites

Monster Hunter World Guide: Unlocking All Campsites

In the world of Monster Hunter World hunters will start with select campsites on each location. To make hunting and gathering easier, hunters should unlock extra campsites as soon as they have the option to do so. In this Unlocking All Campsites Guide I will introduce each of these campsites in MHW and the resources needed to obtain them.

Monster Hunter World Guide: Unlocking All Campsites

All camp quests are obtained from the Provisions Manager located at the Resource Center once players have triggered them while out in the field. Simply head to one of the following locations to prompt your Handler to state that this spot may be good for a campsite. Below I’ve listed all the required materials needed to set up the camps according to their location.

Head to the Provisions Manager to obtain camp quests

Ancient Forest

Setting Up Camp: Ancient Forest I

  • Northwest Camp (8)
    • 50 Research points
    • 2 Iron Ore
    • 1 Ancient Bone

Setting Up Camp: Ancient Forest II

  • Ancient Forest Camp (17)
    • 1000 Research points
    • 1 Anja Pelt
    • 2 Monster Bone L

Wildspire Waste

Setting Up Camp: Wildspire Waste I

  • Central Camp (6)
    • 300 Research points
    • 2 Vespoid
    • 1 Monster Bone M

Setting Up Camp: Wildspire Waste II

  • Northeast Camp (15)
    • 800 Research points
    • 2 Rathian Scale
    • 1 Monster Bone

Coral Highlands

Setting Up Camp: Coral Highlands

  • Northeast Camp (12)
    • 10000 Research points
    • 1 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Kide
    • 2 Monster Bone M

Elder’s Recess

Setting Up Camp: Elder’s Recess I

  • Eastern Camp (8)
    • 750 Research points
    • 2 Barnos Hide+
    • 1 Monster Bone+

Setting Up Camp: Elder’s Recess II

  • Northwest Camp (16)
    • 1200 Research points
    • 1 Dodogama Hide+
    • 1 Wingdrake Hide

To watch this guide in action see the video below:

Monster Hunter World is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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