Monster Hunter World Guide: Long Sword

Monster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Long Sword being one of them. In this Guide we’ll take a look at exactly how to use this Weapon to its fullest, as well as show you some things you may not know about it. If you’re new to the game or you are a veteran of the franchise and just need a quick refresher, this Guide is for you.

Long Sword Guide

The Long Sword is an excellent overall weapon and one that isn’t difficult to learn, making it a solid choice for new players. Hunters using this weapon will have relatively good mobility, while having excellent reach, with the option to roll out of most combos. Long Swords come with a Spirit Gauge, that when filled increases the damage of the player via Spirit Attacks.

  • Difficulty: Low to Moderate
  • Role: DPS
  • Mobility: Good
  • Sharpness: Average

Basic Combos

  • Unlike some other weapons the Long Sword makes more use of triangle-ps4-controls-small and for its attacks than it does . The basic combo for the Long Sword is simply 4 triangle-ps4-controls-small in a row. These are mostly vertical slashes and a thrust.
  • The next combo is 4 in a row, but requires you to have some Spirit in your Spirit Gauge, which you gain from the previous combo, or just from striking monsters in general.
  • The last combo is much more difficult to pull off and may take some practice as you must press  + triangle-ps4-controls-small + , , , + triangle-ps4-controls-small. It’s not an overly complicated combo, but it isn’t the easy thing to do when a monster is breathing down your neck and things are chaotic.

Pretty straight forward, but the last one can be tough to pull off in combat.

Special Attacks and Things of Interest

When you deal damage with regular attacks your Spirit Gauge fills. Once it is full you can perform a Spirit Combo that if you connect with the final hit will increase your Spirit Level by 1. The first level is white, followed by yellow and lastly red. Each level raises the attack power of the Long Sword by a decent amount. Players using the Long Sword must pull off frequent Spirit Combos or their Gauge will deplete and their damage bonus will wear off.

  • Using  + triangle-ps4-controls-small when you have at least a White Gauge or higher will do a Spirit Thrust attack that if followed up by another triangle-ps4-controls-small will launch you into the air, allowing you to do a plunging attack for high damage. Using Spirit Thrust will reduce your Gauge by 1 level even if you miss, however, if you connect with the attack it will begin to replenish on its own.
  • Mid combo you can press + in order to pull off a Foresight Slash which is excellent at dodging attacks and then counter attacking. Requires good timing to be effective.

If you hit with the Spirit Thrust you can follow up with Triangle for a skyward leaping attack.

Final Tips

Legendary Long Sword Hunters will learn to use Foresight Slash when they need to dodge an attack, so as to keep their damage up while Evading. This is something that will take much practice and patience, along with much knowledge of enemy attack patterns acquired through out the course of the game.

Learning to manage your Spirit Gauge is of the utmost importance to would-be Long Sword users, as it is the best way to keep their damage high and maximize their DPS. Proficiency with when to pull off Spirit Combos, so that you can connect with the final strike, takes time and some knowledge of the monster you are Hunting.


You can see that I deplete the Spirit Gauge with my Spirit Attacks here, and then when I strike the final blow I jump to the first tier (White)

This weapon can trip teammates because the game has a form of friendly fire, though not one that damages. Be mindful of them when using this weapon and avoid hitting them if you can. Place yourself on a different leg or part of the monster you are facing, so as to make their lives easier. Many players may not know this can occur, so the responsibility falls to you.

Be sure to check out our other Weapon and Monster Guides for all your needs and if you have specific questions be sure to check out the Monster Hunter World Wiki. Good Luck Hunters! May the furs be with you!


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