Monster Hunter World Guide: Crown Sizes and You
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Monster Hunter World Guide: Crown Sizes and You

It’s time again to dive into yet another semi-secret mechanic of Monster Hunter World. Today we will be talking about crown sizes for monsters.

Monster Hunter World Guide: Crown Sizes

Hunters are discouraged by the amount of time it takes to find both a tiny gold crown and a large gold crown monster. Out of the 31 monsters, 2 does not have size variation and 7 monsters do not have events that provide players with higher percentages to obtain crowns. Deep Green Blues were first introduced on February 16th and players quickly dismissed the event thinking it was a novelty event. That is, until they learn about the higher percentage modifier for these type of quests.

Now players hunting for the fabled platinum trophy and veterans make sure to do these weekly quests when they become available. There is apparently a trick where you can load up any of the high crown event quest, seek out the 1 monster you are missing the crown for, kill or capture them and select return from quest. If you found a crown, the game still awards you it. I have not tried this method as I simply complete the crown weekly quest until I get all crowns. *Update: I tested out the mention trick and it does work. I would suggest it for players who are missing one monster as it is quicker to seek out that monster than completing the entire quest.*

In my experience, when I obtain crowns from these events its usually several tiny or large ones. I don’t see many mix results like getting a small crown and a large one. It is ultimately random if you will be blessed with crowns with minimal effort or will have to run the quests numerous times until you gather them all. Regardless it is much more user friendly than the normal way of obtaining the crowns.

The rules for crowns
1. Should have 3 (rarely 5 for great hunt) attempts  and the rewards 1 silver + 1 gold or 2 silver + 2 gold rewards.
2. 50 min + Zenny up + 5 tries are more likely to spawn big crown.
3. 15 min + 1 try are more likely to spawn small.
Even these rules aren’t guarantee as players can have up to 200 hunts of that particular monster and nothing. Then 2 hours of an event farm will give them what they were looking for. Luckily for us, the Spring Blossom Festival will be bringing back all crown events while the festival is live. If you are missing any crowns be sure to do these events!

Monster Crown Events

Deep Green Blues

Wildspire Bolero

Coral Waltz

  • 7 ★ located in the Coral Highlands
  • Players must be HR 13 or higher
  • Player must hunt a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Paolumu, Legiana, and Pink Rathian.

“Effluvial Opera”

“Rock N’ Roll Recess”

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