Monster Hunter World Guide: Bow

Monster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Bow being one of them. In this Guide we’ll take a look at exactly how to use this Weapon to its fullest, as well as show you some things you may not know about it. If you’re new to the game or you are a veteran of the franchise and just need a quick refresher, this Guide is for you.

Bow Guide

Bows in Monster Hunter: World are designed for the player who wants to hang back and pick off their target from a safe distance. The Bow is ranged weapon capable of unleashing a never ending barrage of arrows on the target. While simple to use, it’s mastery requires a detailed knowledge of the best combinations of arrows, coatings, and distance from the monster. Unlike some games, in Monster Hunter: World Bows do not use ammo and so Hunters will never run out arrows. Instead they use coatings, which apply special effects to the arrows, and have a limited number of uses.

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Role: DPS/Utility
  • Mobility: Good
  • Sharpness: None

Basic Combos

Bows do not use Combos the way many weapons in the game do, and instead they use  to aim and   is Fire, which can be held to charge up arrow tiers. The higher the tier the higher the damage, however, charging costs Stamina so keep an eye on your bar or you may run out and be unable to attack.

Bow users can also use to fire a special shot that varies from Bow to Bow, which may help you decide which Bow you prefer to use.

Pressing immediately after a regular uncharged shot with will perform a Power Shot. Power Shots gain 1 arrow tier vs the last shot that was fired.


As you can see Bows don’t have a particularly complicated moveset making them welcoming to new players. However, mastering them is a different matter entirely.

Special Attacks and Things of Interest

Pressing + triangle-ps4-controls-small will do a special attack called Dragon Piercer. This attack hits for increased damage but has a lengthy animation, you cannot move when you use it, and so you must be careful to find a good window to fire it.

Pressing any direction + will allow you to sidestep an incoming attack. This is great for when you don’t have time to roll, but requires some reaction time to pull off. If you manage a successful Evade with this move you can then either press  for a quick Charged Shot OR do a lunging melee attack by pressing triangle-ps4-controls-small that can Mount monsters.


You can sidestep into a charged shot by pushing a direction + X.

As mentioned above Bows have arrow tiers that increase when you charge a shot, shoot in quick succession or by dodging after a shot and shooting again quickly. Being able to pull off shots that are of higher tiers easily will help increase your DPS.

Bows use Coatings to enhance their attacks, and Coatings each have different properties with different effects. Each Bow can only use specific Coatings and these vary from Bow to Bow as well. Hunters can apply Coatings to their arrows by hitting Up or Down on the D-Pad until they reach the Coating they want and then pressing triangle-ps4-controls-small to “load it”. Once “loaded” your arrows will gain the properties of that Coating type until you run out of it. Below you can see a list of Coatings and their properties (this is not a full list).

  • Power: Increases damage. Most bows can use this coating.
  • Power 2: Greatly increases damage. Few bows can use this, and fewer of them can be carried than normal power coatings.
  • Elemental: Increases elemental damage. Most bows with elemental damage can use this coating.
  • Elemental 2: Increases elemental damage. Few bows with elemental damage can use this, and fewer of them can be carried.
  • Close Range: Increases damage the closer the hunter is to the monster and when using melee attacks.
  • Poison: Arrows can inflict poison
  • Paralysis: Arrows can inflict paralysis
  • Sleep: Arrows can inflict sleep
  • Blast: Arrows cause an explosion after enough of them have hit the target
  • Exhaust: Arrows drain the monster’s stamina

Final Tips

Since Bows have a variety of unique properties such as special attacks and possible Coatings, Hunters wishing to use this weapon effectively will need to learn the specific Bow they are using. This isn’t the case with most weapons in Monster Hunter: World, and it’s one that sets the Bow apart.

Bows have an optimal range when firing, and firing from that range is key to maximum efficiency with this weapon. You will know you are within proper range when your cross hairs glow orange when aiming at the monster with . Coatings applied to you arrows will also affect this range, so be sure to learn what these ranges are so you can position yourself accordingly.


You can see what it looks like when Out of Range vs. optimal range.

A knowledge of the monster you are fighting goes a long way when using a Bow because you can swap Coatings to use whatever it is weak to, thus improving your DPS. Additionally certain monsters have weak spots and Bow users are in the fortunate situation that they can aim for specific parts of the monster somewhat more easily that other Hunters. Figuring out where and what to shoot with is key.

Lastly, Bows do NOT have Sharpness the way other weapons do and thus do not need to be sharpened regularly. This gives you the advantage of keeping up your barrage for as long as your Stamina holds out, so be sure to do just that.

Be sure to check out our other Weapon and Monster Guides for all your needs and if you have specific questions be sure to check out the Monster Hunter World Wiki. Good Luck Hunters! May the furs be with you!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to list that if you dodge back into some walls while holding aim you will run up the wall and rain down a devastating attack. I have found this most useful in the pit of the Wildspire Waste arena on any vine covered wall where there are no nets to climb or wooden reinforcements.

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