Monster Hunter World Edition PS4 Pro Coming to Europe and North America

Monster Hunter World Edition PS4 Pro Coming to Europe and North America

Today it was announced that the Playstation 4 Pro Rathalos Edition will be coming to North America and Europe, only under the name of Limited Edition, according to the Playstation Blog. Monster Hunters in the US will be able to purchase the console exclusively at GameStop for $449.99 USD while no information has yet to be released on pricing or restrictions of purchase for the European Limited Edition. Both the NA and Euro editions will come packed with a physical copy of Monster Hunter World, unlike the Japanese edition of the console.

The console comes with a sweet Limited Edition controller that has custom Monster Hunter World artwork and is a ceramic Red color, and both editions comes with a slightly different packaging  than the Rathalos Edition. No word yet if you can purchase this amazing controller separately or not.

In case you missed it, we ran an Giveaway for a Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro (Japanese) throughout the month of December and January, which closed yesterday. Winners will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!!

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The Limited Edition Console will be available in both regions on January 26th, the same date as Monster Hunter World launches!

Check out the Monster Hunter World Wiki for all your needs and you can read more MHW content here!


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