Monster Hunter: World Kirin Monster revealed

Last updated on February 20th, 2018

Capcom has released another commercial for upcoming Monster Hunter: World. This time, observant eyes have noticed a previously unmentioned Elder Dragon amidst the fighting – the beautiful and ferocious Kirin.

Monster Hunter: World confirms Kirin

The Kirin is a thunder monster, and joins the confirmed Elder Dragons Kushala Daora and Teostra. Capcom’s press release omitted the Kirin, focusing on the other three instead.

The steel dragon Kushala Daora is a beast with a body covered in metal plates and has the power to keep hunters at bay by generating wind storms around itself. The flame king dragon Teostra is a brutal fiend that spits blazing fire and any hunter who faces this fierce and deadly monster is in danger of being engulfed in a hellish inferno. Dodogama is a rock-eating wyvern that possesses a unique saliva that causes rock to become explosive, a hazardous mix it will spit at its foes to warn off attackers.


Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide on January 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will release this fall. A final open beta will be available on PlayStation 4 from January 18th to 22nd – featuring the Nergigante monster.

Fextralife had an amazing capture opportunity of MH:W  at TGS 2017 of Barroth and the Wildspire Wastes! An event that also revealed a limited PlayStation 4 Pro “Liolaeus Edition”.

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