“Monster Hunter: World” Comic-Con 2017 Footage Revealed!

“Monster Hunter: World” Comic-Con 2017 Footage Revealed!

Back in July of this year, footage from the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 of Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World  panel, has finally been unveiled for the public to enjoy.

Monster Hunter: World – Unseen Archive

In the recently released video, we see that the panel is hosted by the games Director ‘Kaname Fujioka’ and Producer ‘Ryozo Fujimoto’.

They gave a presentation on the immersive and interactive world of the Ancient Forest. Which has a living and breathing ecosystem that players will find in Monster Hunter: World.

The developers go on to explain how the Ancient Forest is dominated by the “Ancient Tree”, and presented a diagram of the surrounding High and Low humidity ‘Zones’ that are each home to vastly different creatures.

They also shared the extent of their research in order to mold a believable environment. Their team had actually flown to Australia to observe its foliage and vegetation.

The developers showcased concept art-work for three monsters; the Great JagrasAnjanath and the Rathalos. Their designs were inspired from real reptiles.

Also, the Director and Producer showcased a tech demo on the creatures skin translucency, fur simulation, and its muscle shaders.

Below, you can watch the full Comic-Con 2017 Panel for Monster Hunter: World:

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You can also check out this Interview with Director Yuya Tokuda  and Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto  on the new features of Monster Hunter: World. Such as this 4 Player Online Co-Op demonstrated by Director and Producer themselves.

If you haven’t heard, Monster Hunter: World is playable at the upcoming TGS 2017, this month! Also, Fextralife is, like always, attending such events. Besides Monster Hunter, we’ll also be covering the Dark Souls  like CODE VEIN  and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet!

Monster Hunter: World will launch worldwide in early 2018 on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC release will follow at a later. In Japan, the game is a PS4 only  exclusive.

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