Monster Hunter World vs. Dark Souls (Boss Edition)

As everyone knows by now, every single game out there is “like Dark Souls“. Monster Hunter World is no exception, and this article will prove this with concrete video evidence. Alright, maybe not all that concrete, and maybe not evidence at all – we just love the monster design and are finding similarities where we want to find them.

MHW Bosses of Dark Souls and Bloodborne

Meet the Watchdog of the Old Lords: Odogaron

This one fight was very much a deja-vu point for me. I loved playing the watchdog with many people, including helping now-From Software’s Yasuhiro Kitao beat the boss. The deadly charge that both bosses perform is a trademark move they have in common, and thus they are at the very top of my list.


One makes you bleed, the other one uses fire. But they both are made of claws, fangs, and charges!

Xeno’jiiva the Scaleless

The beautifully designed Xeno’jiiva has a glowingness about it and larger-than-life feel that immediately brought me back to Dark Souls and Seath the Scaleless. Besides the obvious design similarities, with the pale gloam of blueish moonlight, both enemies feature a beam breath sure to destroy anyone standing in its path. Too bad only Seath can effectively Crystalize you.


The Crystal Settting, the pale glow, the beams, the floaty wings!

Rathian and Rathalos – Hello Bell Gargoyles!

As you progress through the Ancient Forest, you will likely engage a Rathian or Rathalos as part of your quest. The part you didn’t bargain for, is the monster’s significant other joining in the fight to tag team your sorry behind into firey retreat. This is a very similar feeling to the Bell Gargoyles in Dark Souls, complete with fire-breath and tail swipes.


Fire-breathing, tail-swiping tag team of death? Check!

Vaal Hazak: Your not-so-friendly Undead Dragon

The undead are not exclusive to the realm of souls, and Monster Hunter World introduces its very own Undead Dragon: the Elder Dragon Vaal Hazak. The decaying stench of this monster renders nearby hunters afflicted with Effluvia, halving their lifebars. The Dark Souls version instead breaks all your weapons and armor with its decay and corruption, plus it poisons you.


Decaying dragons that corrupt their surroundings? Check!

Covetous Demon Evolved: Great Jagras and Dodogama

Everyone’s favorite glutton, DKS2’s Covetous Demon, makes an appearance in two different incarnations. First, the voracious Great Jagras, that goes about eating other monsters to then rolls over you with the full strength of his full belly. The second features the Dodogama, a big-boned monster that happily squashes your attempts at hurting it.



Sulyvahn’s Beast goes Tobi-Kadachi

Everyone experienced the dread of attempting to join Dark Souls 3‘s Aldrich Faithful and fighting two Sulyvahn’s Beasts at once. The Tobi-Kadachi is a slightly different enemy, but there’s something about its fast, sleek and lightning-fueled moveset that reminded me of that room, where every other roll could mean death.


The fast and sleek one-shots are real

Wouldn’t be Souls without a random Pig

Proving that Japanese developers are always tempted to show their appreciation for truffles, both games feature their very own pigs monsters. The Mosswine is a non-aggro monster in MHW that can be followed around to find ever-so-delectable mushrooms. The Bloodborne Pig is a rather more crude version, happy to flatten you where you stand with its mighty charge. But, both games have pig monsters, and this demonstrates they are clearly cloning each other.


Unfortunately, neither drops bacon

The Sanctuary Guardian: Teostra

Teostra is one of my favorite monsters in MHW, it looks regal and imposing as it walks by, without becoming aggressive because you are simply SO below his notice. His Dark Souls albino cousin, the Sanctuary Guardian, is much more ready to show you just how fierce his attacks are. Teostra has fire damage, whilst the guardian will instead attack you with Lightning, but you may find the unequivocal similitude that both their tails may be cut as yet more evidence tilting the souls-likeness of MHW in the yes direction.


Have you met my cousin?

Kushala Daora is Kalameet in Ancient Wyvern

The most annoying monster of MHW is, without a doubt, the wind-based Kushala Daora. Subscribing to the non-aggro for insignificant hunters from the Teostra ideology, this monster ignores you until you attack. This is not the case for the Souls counterpart Kalameet, or we could also propose the Ancient Wyvern. Both of these souls enemies share some design similitudes with this flying monster, particularly on their deadly sweep attack from above.


The imposing Kushala Daora has a distinct Dark-Souls-Dragon feel

In conclusion, this article shows a clear relationship between the aforementioned games, demonstrating that MHW is nothing but yet another Dark Souls-Bloodbonre clone. Of course, Monster Hunter had a lot of these monsters before Dark Souls ever existed, so it’s entirely possible that the Capcom team has a time machine!

We hope you had fun with this tongue-in-cheek comparison article. If you’re in the mood for more humor, check out Dark Souls Comedy Part 1 and Part 2, or you may want to instead go investigate some Monster Hunter World Monsters or the very in-depth Lore articles for Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

*This article is not serious, please do not leave seriously outraged replies! Just kidding…please do!

Stay tuned for more Monster Hunter World and Dark Souls Remastered coverage through out March and April!


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    *An infuriated reply about mocking Dark Souls by comparing it to Monster Hunter*

  2. Kaida says:

    You do realize that Monster Hunter is MUCH older than Dark Souls, right? (2004 vs 2011)While some of the monsters are new the elder dragons (sans Xeno) and the Raths have been around basically since the beginning.

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    I indeed do, therefore as I said in the article this is evidence that Capcom owns a time machine.

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    You do realize the article is satire, right?

    It’s also pretty good satire.

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