Monster Hunter: World BETA Is Live! Also, Mega Man Palicoes!

Monster Hunter: World BETA Is Live! Also, Mega Man Palicoes!

Last updated on December 22nd, 2017

It’s finally here. Capcom’s much-awaited Monster Hunter: World  Beta is now up and running on PS4 for hunters, both old and new, to get a taste of the latest upcoming installment.

Monster Hunter: World – BETA Now Live!

Those who preloaded the game in advance can immediately jump right in. Otherwise, you’ll need 5.9GB of free storage space on your PlayStation 4, in addition to being an active PS Plus member to join the fray. The Beta will run for four days, ending on the 12th at the times below.

  • Start Time: December 9th, 2017 at 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT / 6:00pm CET
  • End Time: December 12th, 2017 at 8:59am PT / 4:59pm GMT / 5:59pm CET


What’s There To Do?

The Monster Hunter: World  Beta will feature three quests across two of the game’s locations; the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Wastes for hunters to tackle. With each one having a monster of varying difficulty to slay including:

And according to Capcom, completing all three quests prior to the Beta ending, can net you special items for when the full game launches early next year.

“complete each quest and you’ll get some useful bonus items in the full game! Just make sure you use the same Sony Entertainment Network account for both the beta and the full game.”


Furthermore, hunters will be able to wield 14 of Monster Hunter: World‘s  weapon types, which can all be tested in the new “Training Room” feature from the game. There will also be potions and various supplies provided to aid in questing.



Yep! At the recent 2017 PlayStation Experience event, Capcom showcased an amusing new trailer found below, featuring the iconic Mega Man,  another franchise that they own. This crossover is to celebrate Mega Man’s  30th anniversary that’s happening in 2018.

Hunters will be able to outfit their Palico companions in an 8-bit, cel-shaded Mega Man  costume, all complete with its 8-bit tunes echoing in combat. Another crossover previously revealed for MH:W  was with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn.


If you’d like to see Monster Hunter: World  in action, you can check out gameplay footage and these collection of short but sweet nature clips. Also, check out all the NEW stuff coming to the game.

Monster Hunter: World  was officially announced, with pre-order details, to launch worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with a PC release following sometime later.

Fextralife had an amazing capture opportunity of MH:W  at TGS 2017 of Barroth and the Wildspire Wastes! Also, a limited PlayStation 4 Pro “Liolaeus Edition” was revealed at the event.

Need more of Monster Hunter: World?  Then check out these screenshots and  weapons showcase trailers! If you’re more of a strategist, then this Hunting 101 trailer and survey of the Wildspire Waste, complete with recon images, will help you in your hunt.

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