Monster Hunter World: All Guild Card Backgrounds

Monster Hunter World: All Guild Card Backgrounds

Players of Monster Hunter World can enjoy some extra fun by customizing they Guild Card Backgrounds. Guild Cards play a small role in the realm of Monster Hunter World allowing hunters to give them out to players they have met. Guild Cards can be customized by editing their titles, backgrounds, greeting, sticker, equipment, and poses.

Monster Hunter World: All Guild Card Backgrounds

This short guide acts as a reference to all available backgrounds in the game. Some are obtained by progressing the story, whilst special images can be unlocked by participating in special timed events.

Normal Backgrounds

  • The New World
    • Available from the beginning
  • The Fleet’s Flags
    • Available from the beginning
  • Break Time
    • Available from the beginning
  • Our Dependable Handler
    • Unlocked the Gathering Hub
  • Ominous Poison
    • Hunted a Pukei-Pukei
  • Tyrant of the Forest
    • Hunted an Anjanath
  • Puffy Balloon
    • Hunted a Paolumu
  • Trick-or-Treat
    • Hunted a Bazelgeuse
  • Moving Mountain
    • Guided Zorah Magdaros
  • Welcome To The New World!
    • Unlocked all Wildlife Maps
  • Elder Dragon Eater
    • Slayed Nergigante
  • The Bewitching Elder Dragon
    • Slayed Xeno’jiiva
  • Commission Assemble
    • Finished the story
  • Fast Furr-iends
    • Make Grimalkynes from all locales and Gajalaka a part of your tailriders.
  • Tale of the Five
    • Unlocked the Private Suite
  • The Endless Cycle
    • Reached hunter rank 100
  • Tempered Hunter
    • Completed 50 arena quests

Events Backgrounds

  • Machine World
    • Available via download
      • Horizon Zero Dawn Event Background
  • Bonus Stage
    • Available via download
      • Street Fighter V Event Background
  • Monster Attack
    • Available via download
      • USJ Event Background
  • Memorable Bosses
    • Available via download
      • Megaman Event Background
  • Entrance to the Underworld
    • Available via download
      • Devil May Cry Event Background

Update Backgrounds

  • Tyrant’s Glare
    • Available via download
      • Spring Update Deviljho
  • Flowers Meet Girl
    • Participate in the Spring Blossom Festival
  • Golden Chandelier
    • Available via download
      • Spring Update Kulve Taroth

This will be an evolving guide on how to obtain the newest Guild Card Backgrounds so check back on new updates or events. In the meantime, we have plenty of Monster Hunter World info you can go in-depth with our featured guides: All Armor LimitsEverything about Kulve Taroth, Long Sword Elemental Limits, Attack Values & YouCrown Sizes & YouMonster Hunter World: The Canteen Explained With Ingredient Guide or Monster Hunter World: End Game Guide.

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