Monster Hunter Will Celebrate 20th Anniversary
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Monster Hunter Will Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Capcom has announced a special broadcast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter, one of the most important sagas in the video game industry that has continued to grow in recent years and reach an increasingly broader audience, especially since the launch of Monster Hunter World in 2018, that took the franchise mainstream on gaming consoles.

Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

Two decades have passed since the first Monster Hunter was released in Japan, and Capcom is clear that this anniversary is a moment of celebration.

New Events are expected to be announced within the games currently available, such as Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World with their respective expansions, as well as merchandise and perhaps even in-person events.

The Party Started with Monster Hunter Now

Capcom and Niantic are launching a special event in Monster Hunter Now to commemorate the 20th anniversary. Featuring exclusive content and quests for a limited time, including a new major update: “The Vernal Invader”

From Monday, March 4, 2024, at 9:00 (local time) until Sunday, March 24, at 23:59 (local time), hunters can celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Monster Hunter series by participating in exclusive event missions to obtain rewards, materials, and a special hunter medal.

Additionally, starting Wednesday, March 14, 2024, at 0:00 (UTC), the new update “The Vernal Invader” arrives in Monster Hunter Now with new monsters, new weapons, and many more surprises.

Although the Japanese company itself has confirmed that no news about Monster Hunter Wilds, the next game in the franchise.

Additionally, from now until March 21st, 2024, you can purchase a special bundle of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise for 72% off on Steam, or less than 20 USD total.

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