Monster Hunter Rise PC x Twitch Campaign Huntathon: How to Gain Free Item Packs and Hunter’s Guild Gift Set

Monster Hunter Rise PC x Twitch Campaign Huntathon: How to Gain Free Item Packs and Hunter’s Guild Gift Set

Celebrating the newly launched Monster Hunter Rise PC version on Steam, hunters can gain a free item pack plus join in on the Twitch campaign to receive the Hunter’s Guild Gift Set.

Monster Hunter Rise PC x Twitch Campaign Huntathon: How to Gain Free Item Packs and Hunter’s Guild Gift Set

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC and to celebrate the launch week Capcom have a Huntathon in collaboration with Twitch. Also those who purchase Monster Hunter Rise on Steam will also receive a free item pack.

Free Item Pack, PC Guild Provisions and Free Support Gear

The Kamura Pack 1 contains 50 x Mega Potions, 30 x Well-done Steaks, 30 x Large Barrel Bombs, 15 x Mega Demondrugs, and 15 Mega Armorskins. This item pack can only be claimed once and can be accessed by visiting the NPC Senri the Mailman in Kamura.

PC players can also get their hands on the PC Guild Provisions 1 and PC Guild Provisions 2 goodies, also accessible from Senri. You can check out what each of the provision bundles contains below:

Free Support Gear

To help beginners out when starting MHR on PC, players will also gain the Guild Cross Armor set and a Legacy Talisman for free. There is also the Layered Armor for this set if you only want to change the appearance of your character.

Huntathon with Twitch

Starting from January 12th 9AM PST to January 19th at 9 AM PST you can get the Hunter’s Guild Gift Set by supporting participating Twitch creators (including us! Fextralife Twitch). You will need to gift two subs to the Twitch creators taking part during their Monster Hunter Rise livestream in order to receive a redemption code for Steam.

Hunter’s Guild Gift Set for Monster Hunter Rise PC includes a Palico ‘Nine Tails’ Outfit, Palaute ‘Long Coat’ Outfit, Cohoot ‘Fluffy Hood’ Outfit, Hunter ‘Fox Mask’ Accessory, Hunter Voice Swap (Master Utsushi), and Hunter Voice Swap (Hinoa).

What’s also cool about the voice swap, is that you can use either voice regardless of your character’s gender. So if you want your character sounds like Master Utsushi or Hinoa, you will need to download the content by visiting Senri the Courier once you’ve claimed your code on Steam.

Players should note:

That gifting subs anonymously will not qualify for the campaign

A sub needs to be gifted while the stream is live

Codes will expire February 2nd 2022 at 11:59 PM (PST) so claim them while you can

If you want to get your hands on these goodies you can join our Fextralife Monster Hunter Rise streams to gift subs during the campaign as we are one of the participants in this campaign.

New to Monster Hunter Rise? Check out these great tips with our Monster Hunter Rise Getting Started Guide | PC 2022. For all your hunter needs you can find armor, weapons, guides and more on our Monster Hunter Rise wiki. You can also learn all about the next expansion Sunbreak which will be coming to both PC and Switch this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on both PC and Switch.

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