Miyazaki Shares Thoughts on Highly Requested Demon’s Souls Remaster
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Miyazaki Shares Thoughts on Highly Requested Demon’s Souls Remaster

In a recent series by gameinformer that has covered the upcoming release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a prominent question has popped up on the topic of FromSoftware remastering Demon’s Souls.

Miyazaki Shares Thoughts on Highly Requested Demon’s Souls Remaster

Asking the president of FromSoftware himself Hidetaka Miyazaki whether or not there would be a chance of revisiting the classic and fan favourite Demon’s Souls. Since Dark Souls Remastered released last year not only on PS4 and PC, but later on the Nintendo Switch, it begs the question whether From would be prepared to work on a possible remaster of Demon’s Souls. It has been a topic that we have covered in the past when the Demon’s Souls Servers closed Down simultaneously which led us to believe a remaster was not a distant possibility.

It’s like when you write – when you’re younger, you look back on [previous work] and you think ‘Oh, goodness what was I thinking’, it’s not that I’m embarrassed, I just don’t like to look at my previous works.

While not ruling out the possibility of a remaster entirely, Miyazaki shares it’s not exactly in his focus at this time. He went on to explain that it’s not just his say so that would determine whether a project like this would go ahead, as Sony would also be a deciding factor:

You’d have to see what they’re thinking about it.

He is not opposed to the idea of getting another studio to work on a remaster either, but it would have to be one that would not only want to do it, but be passionate about the original as well. However, Miyzaki also explained his inner conflict with the thought of this project being taken under the wing of another studio:

If it was a studio that really loved the original work and really put their heart and soul into realizing it again, then that’s something I would enjoy. But it’s really complicated because I have these fond memories. Thinking about the idea of a remaster gives me kind of butterflies in my stomach and makes me a little nervous, so it’s complicated. But I understand there are many users and many players and fans out there who really love Demon’s, so if that’s something they could accomplish with a studio that loved the work, then yeah, I’d be okay with that.

Is there a chance of a Demon’s Souls remaster on the horizon? Well not all hope is dashed as Miyazaki concludes the topic with this:

That was the first action fantasy game that I created, or I directed. I have fond memories of it, but it’s definitely not my place to say they’ll remaster.

From what Miyazaki has expressed it looks like this is not one of the possible titles that FromSoftware has been working on. So if this rules out a remaster, what could the two projects hold?

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  1. The one deciding factor here is Sony since they own Demons souls, From might be willing to remaster it but if Sony says no then that’s that.

  2. He is certainly unsure about the idea, but there could be a chance others in the studio(s) may pick it up and consider it. More updates on the possibilities are always good to hear.

    Thanks Yuria, for another article!

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