Miyazaki: Dark Souls 3 Magic Info Via PCGames

Miyazaki: Dark Souls 3 Magic Info Via PCGames

During our Gamescom trip, we had the good fortune of meeting Katharina Reuss from Computec. She has kindly shared with us some interesting Dark Souls 3 reveals they obtained during their interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki

Below are some very interesting reveals and confirmations that fans will very much enjoy!

There will approximately as many weapons in DS3 as in DS2

Yes!!! This was a big worry for many, given the unpopular lack of variety in Bloodborne. We were all hoping that this would be the case, but having confirmation from Miyazaki himself is indeed wonderful to know. Now, if the previous leak is to be believed, there will be “100 New Weapons and 40 New Armor Sets”. They will all be added here when we know them

The burning of a corpse in the trailer will be a gameplay mechanic

This confirms the rumored “Sacrifice” mechanic, or at least confirms that there is indeed a mechanic around this action.

The characters in the demo are heavy builds and will be slower in the final game. The made them faster for the demo.

Many were surprised at the agility and lack of equipment load, but some cautioned it is not uncommon for demos to exclude equipment load. With this comment, Miyazaki confirms that heavy builds are indeed a thing, and that equipment load returns, again distancing itself from Bloodborne.

There will be magic and the spells will also have alternative “stances” on L2.

We had seen no magic during this demo or the E3 presentation, but we now have confirmation not only on the existence of magic in the game, but on the fact that there will be stances or weapon arts for magic spells as well. This may explain that mysterious Mana Bar we saw during the demonstration. Will they be called “Magic Arts”? We’ll find out soon because…

There will be magic in the next demo.

This will likely be at Tokyo Game Show, which we are attending on September 17th. Pencil it in and have your devices charged, as there will also be “proper” (not off-screen) gameplay footage!

The Dark Souls 3 Interview

Full Interview Translated below, make sure to visit PCGames.de for a great picture of Miyazaki!:

PCG: In recent years the popularity of Souls series has increased enormously and is now both a driving force by From Software and Namco Bandai. How do you ensure that each new game also developed further and not merely iconic moments from past titles – such as the fight with Ornstein and Smough – simply repeated?

Hidetaka Miyazaki: You’re right, in this regard, we must take good care that we do not start to repeat ourselves over time. Over the years, the players have become accustomed to the basic mechanics of Dark Souls and now know very well how to deal with problems. However, I am very confident in Dark Souls 3. The new fighting styles and the more agile Boss opponents we will bring a lot of variation to the game, which was not seen in the series.

Miyazaki: Anyone who has played the second part, the enormous increase in the number will have noticed on weapons and equipment. For Dark Souls 3 we intend a similar amount to pack into the game. From a compact set as in bloodborne we want to remove this time to allow more different character builds.

PCG: In the latest trailer we saw the character used a red-hot metal rod to to impale a downed body. What does it mean?

Miyazaki: Unfortunately, I can not make this any more precise information, but I can promise that this is a new gameplay element that we will explain in more detail later.

PCG: You recently mentioned that Dark Souls will 3 not be the last title of the series and instead probably could represent something of a turning point. Have you ideas in which direction Dark Souls will develop? Perhaps a science fiction or ninja setting as in Armored Core or Otogi?

Miyazaki: A new project is at an early concept phase. Until Dark Souls is released 3,we can’t say much more on that. Both ideas sound very good, but a combination of the two series, for example, is not something we are considering. At FromSoftware, we think about ideas for a long time and only act on them when we are satisfied with the proposition.

PCG: The multiplayer modes have changed repeatedly in the Souls series and changed the basic principle with the mixture of the summon and attacked by other players, however, remained the same. Are planned for Dark Souls 3 any changes?

Miyazaki: The system should be run easier and less complicated. In the previous parts it was difficult especially for co-op players to see each other. Here we want to provide more assistance. We have taken note of the fact that many PvP players very quickly collect at certain points of the game for PvP purposes. I can not share exact details at this time, however. I’m sorry. * Laughs *

PCG: With regard to the issues youPVP: How do you act the difficult balance between PvE and PvP?

Miyazaki: First of all, I should tell you here that I like the PvP aspect in Dark Souls very much. It often feels like there can’t be tinkered with it much. It is indeed extremely difficult to find an appropriate balance here, because despite the many similarities both types of fighting are fundamentally different. We set two internal teams very early in order to come here to a common denominator-balance. The feedback of the players is taken into account after the release of the game.

PCG: In terms of speed Dark Souls 3 seems to be more like Bloodborne. How do you make sure that tank builds will still be a viable choice when enemies are that fast?

Miyazaki: We made both of the characters in the demo more agile despite them carrying heavy weapons and armor. We wanted to show the players how we intend Dark Souls 3 to feel. In the finished game these characters will definitely be slower. But we do make sure that even heavier builds are fast enough and won’t have a disadvantage in the game..

PCG: What about magic? There wasn’t any in the demo..

Miyazaki: Dark Souls is known for its intense melee fights, that’s why we decided to only put melee weapons in the first demo. But there will be magic in Dark Souls 3. Like with the melee weapons, you will be able to trigger a special move/function for every spell by pressing L2. In the next demo, there will be magic. More information about that will come later this year.

Special thanks to Katharina Reuss from Computec

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29 comments on “Miyazaki: Dark Souls 3 Magic Info Via PCGames”

  1. Avatar bosslugger says:

    I don’t know why Miyazaki bothers to do interviews at all. He refuses to give any information. "Please look forward to more information on this" has become his go-to evasive response.
    I really don’t get why he feels the need to be so cagey all the time – is he so unsure of himself that he can’t handle direct feedback/criticism from interviews?
    Address multiplayer! Just address it. It is the #1 question he will always get, so just tell us how it will work and then give us access to an early beta we can give feedback on. We *want* to help. I do not understand this developer’s culture of warily guarding all information and then putting out a product that stumbles.
    So frustrating.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Because people ask him for interviews and want to talk to him, and he can’t reveal much as games have marketting planners that determine the drip-feeding of information to fanbases.

    He did give us some really good bits of info such as the weapon number, which was a rather significant concern. Going from 250 weapons to 20 was a big shock, and people were speculating 40 weapons, so here we are: this is Dark Souls!


  3. Avatar HolyLuigi says:

    Why :/ Am I the only one that dislikes "100 new weapons"? I would rather have around 40 UNIQUE weapons then a freakin mess like DS2 was. Copy of a copy of a copy and 80% was useless. There’s a topic about Axes in DS2 and we (community) came to an agreement that everything besides Drakekeepers great ax is rubbish.

    One thing I loved about DS1 was that every weapon had unique moveset.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    The 100 new weapons is not something Miyazaki said, it’s from the leak. Hope I phrased that clearly. Either way, I didn’t like bloodborne a twenty weapons, it was sort of… Meh as an rpg

  5. Avatar bosslugger says:

    Yeah, I know. Of course we want to be surprised day one and not know much about the game so that it’s new for us, but some existing components (like multiplayer) could be elaborated on without spoiling the game too early.
    It’s just baffling how some companies (ie Square Enix with Rise of Tomb Raider) will reveal tons of gameplay footage ahead of release, and some (like From) won’t. Even the 16 min of IGN footage I posted was heavily controlled by From/Namco – no menus were shown, no multiplayer, no magic.
    I just feel like they guard too much info, then we run wild with speculation, then the games come out and don’t map at all to what we thought (like beast mode in Bloodborne, which was a HUGE disappointment for a lot of folks when they realized they couldn’t transform).

  6. FinklehurstOfLordran says:

    I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Dark Souls 2 necessarily had any fewer movesets for weapons than the first game, but so many weapons shared movesets. Fewer unique strong attacks perhaps, but that seems like about it. I’d call hardly any of them useless either. Some were better than others, sure, but I’d only call things like the handmaid’s ladle, the bandit’s knife, and the broken straightsword useless. Dark Souls had the ghost blade, the jagged ghost blade, and both the broken swords.

    Also, I still contest the idea that greataxes are bad. The short reach of most of them takes some getting used to, but they can be really satisfying to use.

  7. Avatar zgillet says:

    I disagree. I actually love tons of different weapons with many kinds of stats, as it allows for many specialty runs and lots of replay-ability. Dark Souls 2 had tons of weapons, but specialty runs were still a bit difficult because of the game’s linear environments; you couldn’t quickly get many of the special items.

    I hope DS3 harkens back to 1 but with lots of fun and unique chances for runs (and no stupid stats that make SL1 levels near impossible…. adaptability).

  8. MosquitoPower says:

    Even if there are a bunch of re-skins or color swaps… just remember…
    Fashion souls!

    There is nothing worse that having a fly outfit and not finding a perfect match for a shield/weapon.

    There is always going to be a top 5% of HArDCoRE PVP exTreMe weapons no mater how many or less they include.
    But for goofs like me that make a build just to dual wield the soup spoons… more weapons = more replay!

  9. Avatar Vahn_Narsamee says:

    Mosquito makes a great point here. If there was one thing Dark Souls II was good for it was fashion souls. Especially in a game like Dark Souls, stats don’t always matter, so as long as the weapons have a sense of individuality I am pleased.

  10. Avatar TSMP says:


    Did anyone else’s ears perk up at this? The way he says it almost sounds like this new project is something singular, related to Dark Souls and yet somehow separate.

  11. Avatar Emergence says:

    Perk is an understatement. My mind has been looking forward to the next evolution for some time now, cautiously optimistic to hear he is thinking along those lines as well. And as silly as that question seemed, he did recently say sci-fi is a realm he could explore.

  12. FinklehurstOfLordran says:

    I would be pretty cool with a Souls-esque game with a cyberpunk setting with robots and stuff. I just hope they wouldn’t connect it to any of the other games lorewise.

  13. Avatar dn1nd says:

    I’d like to see a scifi souls.

    At least they confirmed spell arts are L2. Still holding out hope that they make chargeable spells with R2.

  14. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Does no one want a Souls game even further back in time? I’m talking about ancient Egypt, early Celtic civilization, the Goths (the barbarian tribes), African tribal civilization, stuff from waaaayyyyy back in human history. I prefer magic, axes and shields over lasers and lightsabers. I would like a future Souls, if it has cyber ninjas, BUT ONLY if it has cyber ninjas, and laser shotguns

  15. FinklehurstOfLordran says:

    I think an ancient Greek or Egyptian inspiration for a Souls-like game could be great. Not with actual mythological figures of course.

  16. Avatar ghozt2015 says:

    Very secretive, indeed. I enjoyed the i-view nonetheless. I, too, wish they would disclose a lot more information about the game, but I do understand their being PR campaigns and marketing plans and everything else that comes with the business side of things.

    I am really excited for Dark Souls 3 and have decided it is time for me to push on into the next-gen and purchase an Xbox One for the sole purpose of DS3, lol.

  17. Avatar Castielle says:

    Am I the only one who would love to see like a Starcraft setting with Souls mechanics?!? For some reason that sounds fecking amazing!


  18. Avatar Fexelea says:

    The newly announced game "The Surge" might be a Dark Souls-like game in a futuristic setting

  19. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    I hope I don’t have to play as a specific person, I prefer my RPG games to allow me to make my own man/woman (but I’m the kind of guy who likes to make a guy that looks like me, so, just a man….Unless beast races are involved).

  20. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Regarding the surge, it’s quite early in the development cycle and you can probably voice this ideas and be heard. Maybe we’ll tweet out to deck 13 about it.

  21. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    You prefer your Role Playing Games games to do what now? Does it have anything to do with Automated Teller Machine machines, Personal Identification Number numbers or DMC:DMC? :straight face:

    My preference entirely depends on the story and series.

  22. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    I think it’s been said before, but a Feudal Japan setting would be awesome, ala the anime classic Ninja Scroll or the more contemporary title, Sword of the Stranger. I also would love a more fantastical setting with typical races of elves, orcs, humans and maybe some unique additions to set the title apart from the status quo. As for sci-fi settings, if the setting was portrayed the way Asgard is in the Marvel movies I’d totally be on board, they obviously have highly advanced technology and Thor is zipping around the cosmos, but everything looks fantasy-ish as opposed to Trekkie or Mass Effect. The way Zack Snyder realized Krypton’s architecture and fashion in Man of Steel would be appetizing to me as well, for a sic-fi souls game palette. Part of what makes the Souls games settings great, is that they are all set in a long decaying somewhat forgotten kingdom. When I think sic-fi, I think flashy technologically advanced settings, which would not appeal to me for a souls-esque setting. That being said, I could see a setting wherein our character is exploring the remnants of a failed civilization(s) on a distant planet(s) for some vague reason to be determined, similar to the beginning scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps the civilization ascended to great power after discovering the truths of dark matter/energy and the unseen universe, but by unlocking the unseen universe they opened pandora’s box and their collective demise. Dark Souls becomes Dark Mass….. Guess I just need that desolate environment and perpetual feeling of dread, and of course a sun/star/quasar/singularity/multi-verse to praise :cheers:

  23. Avatar bosslugger says:

    I would personally love for the team to throw everything out and approach a new series completely fresh. New everything – multiplayer, collaboration, combat, story. Start completely over. I feel like that’s what he tried to do with Bloodborne but it just felt sloppy, not well done, and borrowed too much from Souls canon.

    Like when he created Demon’s Souls – I read an interview where Miyazaki described how painful it was to create multiplayer. He agonized over how to describe it to the team so that it could be implemented. Then they did it, revolutionized co-op, and made an historic game.

    So do it again. I’ll wait.

  24. Avatar TSMP says:

    Well, that’s the thing. Revolutionizing an entire genre once is a tall order as it is. Fully realizing a new and unique idea all at once isn’t just something you can pull out of a hat, and asking someone to do it twice? If I recall correctly, part of the reason why Mr. Miyazaki was willing to take as many unconventional design risks as he did was because, when he was first assigned to Demon’s Souls, there was nothing to lose. From didn’t expect the game to succeed in the first place, so if his ideas didn’t pan out no one was going to notice.

    Demon’s Souls succeeded spectacularly, and now Souls is a formula. The bizarre, beautiful, and dangerous design was proven to work in spite of all logic at the time saying a game should not actively punish its players for making bad decisions. Only, now it can’t afford to deviate too much from its delicate perch because there’s something at stake.

    And now From is considered a developer of note, which means any game they create is going to get attention right off the bat. Recreating the circumstances that allowed Demon’s Souls to get away with what it did would be rather difficult, I think.

  25. Avatar Castielle says:

    If it were that simple, everyone would do it. From, sort of, and I know it might sound blasphemous, lucked out a bit. To think Lightning would strike again would be a tad too optimistic I think.

    It’s much smarter for them to branch out, but not too far. They had to make a gamble pay off to achieve the success they now enjoy. It, in my opinion, wouldn’t be smart for them to take an unnecessary risk now that they don’t have to.

    All they really need to do is export the combat mechanics to various worlds and settings, with minor changes, and they pretty much can’t lose. People will buy their games on their brand alone (Halo 5, **cough**).


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