Minecraft Dungeons Comes to Steam in September

Minecraft Dungeons Comes to Steam in September

The RPG dungeon-crawler Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Steam this September.

Minecraft Dungeons Comes to Steam in September

Mojang and Xbox Games Studios have announced the dungeon-crawler Minecraft Dungeons will be coming to Steam on September 22nd.

The base game will be $19.99 and the Ultime Edition which includes both base game and all six DLCs will be $49.99. Previously the title was available through the Microsoft Store only.

Three additional battle passes called the Hero Edition, Hero Pass, and Season Pass will be available with discount through digital sales from August 31st, as well as in retail stores until stock runs out. Mojang and Xbox Games Studios shared in a news release that “Players will still be able to purchase the same DLCs and in-game content, which will be available as part of the Standard Edition (game only) and Ultimate Edition (game and all six DLCs).”

Minecraft Dungeons is available on Switch, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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