Minecraft Developer’s Card Game Scrolls Revived Under New Name

Minecraft Developer’s Card Game Scrolls Revived Under New Name

Minecraft Developer’s Mojang had their own strategy card game back in 2014 called Scrolls, it was shutdown but now due to fan demand has been brought back under the name Caller’s Bane.

Minecraft Developer’s Card Game Scrolls Revided Under New Name

Scrolls was strategy card game, originally released in 2014 but development halted in June of 2015 as the developers announced that the servers would still keep running in July 2016.

But it wasn’t until this year on February 13th that servers were officially shutdown. It was Mojang’s intention then to allow the game to go public and let players host their own servers but could not guarantee this development. However news has been shared that the game will continue under the new name Caller’s Bane after a fan initiative got it back up and running.

In order to play Caller’s Bane organisers of the fan based project have provided a way for players to download the game and a guide to how the new servers will work.

Any player can now host their own server, but the game is already set up to connect to the community server which is hosted by scrollsguide.com‘s owner kbasten.

Players now have control over rules of their own servers, enabling balance changes, rules, create new trials and more possible changes to the original game. However, veterans will have to re-start their desks from scratch as their progress is not transferable from the original Scrolls game.

But the good news is the amount of customisation players will have, giving players a full set of scrolls or change gold and card distribution as they see fit. The news comes from the blog post which also explains that Caller’s Bane will not have in-game friends lists.

It makes sense for the game to have a fresh name as it does have resemblance to the Elder Scrolls Legends strategy card game in title. It just goes to show what the power of fandom can do in terms of reviving games.

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