MHW: Raw DPS Long Sword Build

MHW: Raw DPS Long Sword Build

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

New events in Monster Hunter World have allowed for some upgrading of previous end-game builds. This article will give you an idea for a powerful Long Sword DPS build that is fun and effective. The Devil May Cry event brought a mix and match Dante Armor Set and the second Spring Update brought the Kulve Taroth α and β Armor Set.

Before we had Kulve Taroth and Dante, most of the end game armor was Death Stench, Dober, Dragonking Eyepatch, Kushala, and Nergigante. Most armor sets used the handicraft charm to raise sharpness to white. Now we have more options to customize a build, below is one example.

MHW Raw DPS Longsword Build

Build’s Name

Divine Slash Me Mami


Divine Slasher


  • Slot in Non-elemental Boost on your Weapon
  • Slot in Attack Boost on your Helmet
  • Slot in Crit Boost on your Gauntlets
  • Slot in Protective Polish on your Waist
  • Slot in Critical Eye on Chest and Leggings. (If players have attack gems, they can be substituted for critical eye.)


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