MHW PC: Mega Man Event, Kulve Taroth, Third Title Update Arrival

MHW PC: Mega Man Event, Kulve Taroth, Third Title Update Arrival

Capcom has been hard at work with Monster Hunter World announcing concrete dates to some of PC players eager questions about Mega Man collaboration and the Kulve Taroth Siege.

MHW PC: Mega Man Event, Kulve Taroth, Third Title Update Arrival

Mega Man Arrival

Starting Thursday, October 18th 8 PM EDT to Thursday, November 1st 11:59 EDT, PC players will have access to the Mega Man event quest “A Rush of Blood“. This quest will take place in the Special Arena and requires players to hunt 2 Odogaron. Completing the quest awards Mega Man Tickets which can be used to forge the Mega Man Palico Armor and Weapon. For more detailed information about the required materials and cost see our Mega Man Palico Guide.

3rd Title Update Arrival

The third title update will be available on Tuesday October 30 at 9 AM EDT. The contents of this update will consist of:


  • “HDR Mode” will be added in the Display Settings.
  • Various keyboard setting adjustments, including different key assignments.
    • A new shortcut key option which allows players to use keyboard shortcuts (any number key from 1 to 8).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain textures in cutscenes or character creation were not optimized.
  • Other minor issues were fixed.

Kulve Taroth

Kulve Taroth will be available for PC players on Thursday November 1st at 8 PM EDT. This event will run for 2 weeks so if you need any weapons from Kulve make sure you grind! As later new weapons will be added to the loot pool, diluting the percent chance to get the ones you need/want. Hunters must be at least HR 16 to start the Kulve Questline and this event will be coming back so don’t fret if you didn’t get everything you need during the allotted time.

“Character Edit Voucher” can be found on the Steam Store which allows hunters to edit their gender and appearance one time. Extra changes will need another edit voucher. Hunters can create 2 new layered armors: Homare” & “Sabi”, Kulve armor, Kulve Palico armor, and a gorgeous guild background card. To obtain everything make sure you check out our Kulve Taroth Guide which details everything in this update!


Cooperate with all other hunters in your Online Session to destroy the horns of Kulve Taroth, an elder dragon clad in a gold mantle. “Appraisal weapons” will be rewarded for completing the siege, and you can acquire new materials to forge and upgrade equipment, as well as the “Bushi Ticket” for your Palico equipment.

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