MHW: Nekker Endemic Life Location

MHW: Nekker Endemic Life Location

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World gets a new update bringing with it the introduction of the Witcher Collaboration Event. Once players have completed Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest they can start hunting for the Nekker Endemic Life. In this guide I’ll instruct you on how to find the Nekker quickly and easy.

MHW: Nekker Endemic Life Location


Firstly, check your hunter’s notebook under classified life to find the Nekker entry. It will imply that the Nekker is not hunting and instead is foraging in Ancient Forest after dark. The best way to get all the right conditions is by undertaking the Optional Quest: Hard to Swallow. Taking this quest will check off the 3 conditions we need:

Proceed taking quests and leaving from them until you get a dusk time (sunset). Start a Hard to Swallow then go back to Astera until it hits night time. Leave your Palico behind for precaution and make sure you bring your Ghillie Mantle. Select Camp 1 and start the quest. Head to Quadrant 1 and wait for the Great Jagras to come to the area. Leave him be allowing him to eat and grow fat.

Stalk the Great Jagras from a distance as he head back to his nest. Put on your Ghillie mantle and stay near the entrence of the nest and gaze upon the Great Jagras puking up some meat for the Jagras. The Nekker should also spawn in and rush over to the wet meat greedily eating. Capture him with the Capture Net and complete the quest.

Nekker about to feast

Back in Astera, talk to the bounty citizens to obtain 800 Research Points, the Nekker Card Weapon, and the Nekker Card Armor. Travel to the Smithy to purchase your newly unlocked Palico Weapon and Palico Full Armor Set.

Completed Critical Bounty after Capturing a Nekker

Nekker α

Curse Staff α

  • 1 Nekker Card (Weapon)
  • 600 points
  • Rarity 8
  • Attack:
    • 78 Melee Attack
    • 32 Ranged Attack
  • Attack Type: Blunt
  • Affinity: -15

Nekker α Full Palico Armor

  • Rarity 8
  • Defense: 415
  • 2 Fire
  • -8 Water
  • 2 Thunder
  • 2 Ice
  • 2 Dragon

Monster Hunter World is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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