MHW: March 9th Events & The Arrival Of Deviljho?

MHW: March 9th Events & The Arrival Of Deviljho?

Last updated on March 22nd, 2018

This Thursday at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time is when Capcom will rotate the event quest for players and Hunters are all too excited.  Some hunters are heavily speculating that this is when we will be seeing Deviljho for the first time. Deviljho is to be released in Monster Hunter World by Capcom this Spring.

In the screenshot for this event on the official monster hunter world event page, we can see a small footprint which is blue, similar to tempered monsters tracks. The tracks could belong to Pukei-Pukei yet Pukei is a Threat 1 Tier in his tempered form only needing Hunters to be HR13. Perhaps there will be a Rathalos which can explain the higher Hunter Rank. It’s currently unknown if we will see Deviljho for a brief encounter, not at all, or this will be his homecoming.


 “A Simple Task”

The best way to find the Gourmet Shroomcaps is to bring up your map and pin a “Mushroom Colony“. If your map is lacking or if you are new I have you covered.

I suggest heading towards camp 8 or 11 as they have  2-3 Mushroom Colonies in a somewhat close proximity. Bring your gathering set to finish this quest even faster.

 “Chew The Fat”

 “Triple Threat Showdown”

 “A Flash in the Pan”

  • 6 ★ located in the Arena
  • Players must be HR 11 or higher
  • Players must hunt 3 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

 “Challenge Quest 1: Expert”

  • 9 ★ located in the Arena
  • Players must be HR 15 or higher
  • Players must hunt a Bazelgeuse and a Uragaan.

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  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Unleash the PICKLE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    False alarm… this quest has no monsters. It’s just for farming investigations

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